Well, I am pretty pleased that I am not running the Melbourne Marathon on Sunday for a couple of reasons. First, I can’t run that far. Secondly, even if I could run that far, I have been laid low for four days with chest cold which has completely knocked the stuffing out of me.

So my thoughts turn to SiS2 in 10 days time. Things are not looking good for THE PLAN. Of two scheduled long runs so far I had to cut one short to work around a visit to the vet and have missed one due to chest cold. I have actually managed to do all of my weekly runs and have improved on those, so that’s something anyway. And I have some cooler options for running. So when I look at it like that, in fact the only aspect of THE PLAN which is lacking is the long runs.

This weekend is my last chance to get a long run in (provided that the lurgy has left me), and it will be shorter than what I had planned. At the moment I am just feeling really antsy from having not had a run for three days in a row, with no expectation that I will get back out on the track for another couple of days at least. ARRGH.

PLUS in the dips section of the supermarket I found some egg salad which tastes really nice on toast with sliced tomato and salt and pepper. I am concerned that I might just eat the whole tub in such a fashion, which is probably not the most on track with regard to eating.