So I was trying to convince Hub to get up and barrack for me at SiS2. He ultimately chose to play stupid online computer games until late, and didn’t come to bed until after I was asleep. When I woke up in the morning I found the above note on top of my race gear. If you can’t read it, it says STEEL SPRINGS, which I thought was pretty cute.

Well this time I was much more sensible. Spent the day before getting hydrated (and avoided undoing my good work by drinking alceehol). Of course by the time I got to the start line I had to line up for the loos on three separate occasions. But that was probably a good sign.

Met up with a bunch of people from the ausrun forum which was great, if a little intimidating. I was talking last night over dinner about meeting up with people you only know from the internet. And it occurred to me that meeting up with the ausrun people was the best kind of way to meet internet ax murderers. For a hobby that I am participating in totally by myself, I went to a race by myself and was cheered on loudly through the halfway mark and across the line. In the latter case, I was cheered loudly by someone I didn’t recognise (Chris W) because I didn’t even meet him until after I crossed the line!! Anyway, it makes a heap of difference to participating in things like this.

So, the facts and figures. The aim was to keep to 7:30 pace for the first 5-6 kms and then bump it up a bit. I managed the first part of the equation pretty well, but didn’t have any “bump” when it got to the last stage of the race. In fact by the end I was well and truly struggling and for some reason kept obsessing about trying to sprint down the hill towards the finish line, convinced that I would trip and do a face plant into the asphalt (I didn’t).

Anyway the official facts and figures from race one and two:

net time 4km split agegroup gender total
SiS1 70:01:46 35:22:46 130/168 382/? 642/706
SiS2 60:59:9 30:55:8 133/313 354/? 671/783

So I was pretty happy about this overall, but it is annoying to miss breaking 60mins by such a small margin. That’s the last time I ever walk through a drink station. But I can’t get too upset about a 10min PB, even if my previous PB was pretty soft. I think I have a bit of work ahead of me to PB the next one convincingly.