Okay, so you know how when you don’t know someone face to face you can kind of get a weird picture of them in your head and your attitude toward them can be kind of distorted because your brain isn’t actually forced to think of them as a real person? Well I find that I am developing a weird mental image of THE COACH ™. I have a great need to impress him and yet I spend most of my time cursing him under my breath (sometimes not so quietly).

I have the overwhelming feeling that if I meet him face to face I am going to have a need to apologise for all the rude words I have said about him and his stupid “comfortably difficult” tempo runs. Did you know that a pace that is “comfortably difficult” at the start of a repeat can be “I-think-I-am-going-to-throw-up-now” at the end of a repeat?

No weekly weigh ins for another couple of weeks because I have some time off work and we are staying at our weekender. This means that the ordinary running is being complemented by weeding, digging vegetable gardens, bushwalking, lugging mulch and compost and all the good springtime jobs. Also more chances to snack badly so it is pretty much a toss up as to whether this break is likely to be good or naughty.

But I do get to draw nice pictures with nudge, like the one above. Was tempted to run right out on the pier and back so that nudge would show more of the sea bed, but by that stage I felt like I was going to puke, and I wanted to get away from the watchful eyes of the people apparently doing some type of group workout program. Maybe next time.