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So I finally made it to 10K (something that I had been trying to accomplish for QUITE A WHILE NOW). I went for a loverly run this morning down to the foreshore, and even trotted out to the end of the Rosebud Pier to see what kind of picture Nudge would draw. I have uploaded the picture as the header on my site now – how cool does that look?

I came home and casually mentioned that I had gone for a run with Anthony and Sav Rocca. Well they were down on the foreshore when I was going for a run and they said hi when I said good morning (which makes them a cut above half of the people I saw this morning). Unfortunately I came home and did my sums and realised that my total for the year so far is 349.1KM so I have to go out for another quick km tonight so that I can make it for the year.

Hope that all of you behave yourselves tonight and may 2007 bring you all that you might dream of.


Well I was beginning to get a bit depressed as I had been struck down with the dreaded lurgy over the Christmas period. A head cold combined with packing things into boxes at work (we have renovations scheduled) and the smoke meant that I was pretty clogged up and felt awful. So this week I managed to get out for a quick trot for the first time in over a week.

I am currently thinking over some of my running goals for the new year which I will post more about later. One of the things that I am really liking though is the thought that there is really a clean slate for the next 12 months. I know that my main goal (to keep going with the whole Project) is achievable for me. So that is tremendously liberating. One of the advantages of the new blog is that I have managed to set up a running log as a separate page. So I am looking forward to making some good changes in those numbers in the coming year.

Anyway, I have to run another 15km for the week to make 350km for the year which is my intermediate plan. The cold has mostly gone away, as has the smoke. So I should be able to manage that much of an effort.

Okay, I am joining the exodus. You can find me at my new blog. This will remain here for my archives (at least until I can figure out how to transfer them over).

This is my new blog.  I wasn’t unhappy with blogger but I love wordpress already as I already have been running another blog on the platform for ages.  I can’t import my other posts here, but maybe that is okay.  My blog kind of changed focus this year, so it will be interesting to see what might happen next year.

Well I haven’t managed to get out there this week as much as I would like. A scratchy cough the other day has ballooned into a head cold with the help of a couple of very smoky days. So no running for me, particularly when there is still smoke around.

Otherwise feeling pretty good. Had my first session on the exercise bike the other day which was fun. Hub is right into it using the bike most days while he watches a DVD or some telly. Now just to make it through the Christmas period.

Happy Christmas to all – be safe this festive season and take some time amidst the demands of life to reflect on the peace, love and community that we share.

So this week I scored an invite to a special “friends” sale at the Nike store in the city with 40% off. It is actually the first time I have been in there as I find it all a bit too trendy and intimidating. I bought myself an arm pouch (so I can be like Em) and a hydration pack with an 800ml bottle that sits in the small of your back. Not as schmicky as the fuel belt ones, but at $14 with the discount, I am not complaining.

So today I took the hydration belt out for a spin. For one reason or another I haven’t managed to get out for a long run for AGES, so I was really looking forward to it today. It was a bit hot, so I took it really slow along the meandering hills of the Merri Creek Trail. Managed 9.6km in 80 minutes which is my longest run yet since I have started. I was glad that I had the water bottle as I had drunk it all by about the 8K mark, so I don’t know what I would have done without water.

Father Christmas came early to our house when we picked up an exercise bike this afternoon. Hub wanted to get one so he could do exercise while watching DVDs and we thought that I could also use it for cross-training. So it is pretty cool and hopefully will get a good workout on my non-running days.

Finally I think I have found my favourite running shirt. They had a bunch of pretty cheap technical shorts and shirts in Big W when I went the other day and one of the shirts I picked up from the mens’ department is very comfy and quite cool, plus it has “SPORTS XLNCE” written on the front. How can I resist?

It is very frustrating that at a time when I was enthusiastically looking forward to my long run, I felt like it was too risky to actually go and do it. Very hot and very smoky all weekend. While I might have to put up with the heat, I couldn’t see the health advantages in going for a run in pretty thick smoke from the fires in the Alpine region and Gippsland.

Normally I would be pretty annoyed at the inconvenience, but my sister and her family live not far from the fires and my brother in law is heading up Mt Buller today to relieve some of the crews. They are saying that the fires will probably join and make three or four mega fires today which is pretty scary for all involved.

Just the important bits. Good movie. Daniel Craig spends a lot of time with his shirt off. That is all.

I might be outing myself as being really odd, but sometimes during my run I do arithmetic to keep my mind occupied. This works really well as I am not actually that good at mental arithmetic so it takes me lots of attempts to work things out. Throw in that I am normally trying to calculate time which makes it even harder.

An example – if I am trying to maintain a certain pace for a run (for some reason during the run, nudge is all over the place in showing my current pace) then I will see how far I have gone and calculate when I should complete the next km for example. Anyway, it amuses me.

Last night doing a grotty recovery run of about 3.5km I was trying to figure out how much time I need to build up my long runs to be comfortably completing 16km by the R4TK. At my current long run pace, I will need to build up to running at least two hours!!!

Which is actually not that bad because I was kind of wanting to build my long runs up to that anyway. I am really looking forward to my long run on the weekend. I was building them up really well back in October but then I got out of the habit, and it is all too easy to find something to clash on the weekend. So I am switching my long run day to Saturday which has the added bonus of giving me back my Sunday mornings to finally do some study.

I have been noticing lately what the key is to having Hub be totally supportive of my running even when it cuts into time with him – World of Warcraft. Hub has been into this for a several months now and is perfectly capable of losing great slabs of time lost in his computer. There are downsides to this of course, but one of the upsides is that he doesn’t mind me popping out for a run and doesn’t seem to notice when I am gone for an hour or so.

So over the weekend I entered this race in the 15.2km. Which means I have to learn how to run 15.2km before the 1st of April next year.

This is of course pretty weird because it assumes that I will still be keeping up this running thing until at least April next year. Given my track record for maintining my enthusiasm for hobbies, this would be quite a feat. However stumping up some money for the entry form is likely to advance the prospects that I will keep it up because I am such a tightarse that I would hate to think that I was wasting my money.

15.2km does seem like a lot though – add another 5 and a bit ks and it would be a half marathon. Anyway, should be a great experience and lots of fun no matter how much of it I manage to actually run.