I never thought I would say this, but I am really liking having an exercise bike at home. I really struggle to keep the running regular in the hot weather we have been having recently – I won’t consistently get up in the morning to exercise so I find myself faced with an energy sapping run in the evening at the end of an energy sapping day. Plus you add any kind of serious heat to my size and level of fitness and anything above a brisk walk is actually training at a pretty extreme level which I don’t think is the best. You add the fact that I am still dealing with the remains of the lurgy and the prospect of being stranded kms away from home with uncontrollable nausea made everything downright unappealing.

The difference now is that with the bike, it is much easier to convince myself that if I am not going to go for a run anyway, I should at least hop on the bike for 20 mins while I am watching the TV show that I was going to watch anyway. It is not too boring to do while watching the TV, and I never fail to push myself beyond my paltry plans and do 40mins to an hour. Before I know it, I have had a decent workout and with the bike situated under the evaporative cooling vent, it is much easier to keep my heart rate at a respectable (ie not life-threatening) level.

The thing is, part of me feels guilty for not running. That is until I give myself a stern talking to in the mirror and remind myself that the whole point of this is to get myself fit and healthy, so my priority is getting my exercise done regularly. I know I will get back to the running more when the weather settles down and I am hoping to really push myself over winter so that I can be a lot fitter by the time next summer rolls around.

So I have another Sunset Series run scheduled for Wednesday around Princes Park. At the moment it is looking like I won’t be able to get there but there is still a vague chance. Hub has been in meetings every night for about 8 days and he is thinking of putting his apologies in for the meeting he has on Wednesday. If he does, then we will have a date night, but otherwise I will head off to Princes Park. Two great options for a pleasant Wednesday night anyway.