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I am still dreading the first of the sunset series at the Zoo tomorrow night. I had mentioned that things had got a lot quieter allowing me time to do some exercise, but it has been so hot that I have tended to skip the running. When the weather gets too extreme I get a little worried about over-heating unnecessarily and have opted instead to use the exercise bike inside under the evap cooler. It means I can keep going longer at a higher intensity without risking killing myself.

However it also means that I haven’t actually run anywhere for over a week. But then I remind myself that when I entered this series, I knew that I would be busy and the whole point of entering would be that it would mean that I would do three 8K runs in the space of a month when I was pretty sure I otherwise wouldn’t have managed that. In the lead up to Run 4 the Kids, it was three 8K runs that I needed to have in the schedule, that would hopefully lead to some renewed enthusiasm for some more long runs and other preparation at a time when I am otherwise pressed for time.

So this will be a fine experiment for race preparation – how to prepare for a race by not actually running anywhere. So my goals for the run tomorrow (and the series) are relatively low key. I just want to keep running for the whole 8K (something that I didn’t manage for two of the Spring into Shape runs) and try to keep relatively even pace. To be honest, since the end of the SiS series, I have managed at least half a dozen or so runs over 8K (which is my long run status) so I should be feeling more confident of keeping it going.

In another novelty this will be my first ever mid-week race, so coordinating with coming straight from work (and possibly revealing to workmates what I am up to) will be interesting in itself. Wish me luck!!


I just found myself using the word “dishy” to describe someone I am watching on television. I don’t think I have ever used the word before. But can you disagree?

andrew flintoff

It is so weird to be all irritable because I haven’t been exercising. I am still maintaining my run of at least one session of exercise per week since May 06, so I am happy.

I normally have pretty long work hours, but once or twice a year, the stars align and things are just mental. This last two weeks has been one of those times. A lot of stress, long hours and pressure, but also a chance to do some work stuff I don’t get to do often, plus a healthy boost to the (work) budget.

Anyhoo, as a result I haven’t managed to do much running at all lately and plus I have not eaten great (no energy to cook and a drive to give myself treats for being stressed. Pizza anyone?) Annoying on the one hand, but not distressing as I know that it is unavoidable and things will return to normal soon. I have topped that off with a bit of a sniffle (comes from being tired and run down) which I am trying to knock on the head.

I have foolishly entered the Sunset Series so will be coming into the Zoo run seriously underdone training wise. Work means that I seriously struggle to be consistent with my training. My best mileage weeks are all around the same mark and if I managed to string four of them together I would beat my best monthly mileage stats by about a quarter. But unfortunately something seems to keep coming up. Very frustrating.

Oh, and I am I the only tragic who is seriously pumped about the new season of Big Fat Loser starting on Sunday night? I am? Oh well, I will be quiet then.