Okay, so I have joined a 6-8 week challenge with some of the ausrunners.. As many of you know, I used to post my weekly numbers here but I swore off it because it did my head in. Anyway, I am still comfortable with that, and mostly the scales kept moving incrementally in the right direction.

But when I took time of work recently, I didn’t do anything particularly naughty but came back after three and a half weeks to realise that a big chunk of incremental progress was wiped out in one not-so-incremental backwards step. So I have joined the 8 week challenge, which will take me to 11 July. I am monitoring my weight for this challenge on the basis that my weight this morning is zero. My A goal is -6kg over 8 weeks and my B goal is -4.5kg. Both of these would enable me to reach a milestone in the PROJECT.

But the real thing that I am going to monitor over the 8 weeks is my ability to stick to my rules. If at the end I stick to my rules and find that it hasn’t made much of a difference (whether to weight or measurements), then I will need to get me some new rules. If I find that it does, then that just means that my moments of poor progress are from being a lazy butthead.

Rule Number 1 – keep running

Run at least 15km per week. I had a glance over my running log recently and noticed that although my good weeks are increasing and getting better, I still too often have really slack weeks where I only manage one run or something. This is often due to being busy with work etc, but I am never so busy that I can’t run 15K. And there have been too many weeks when I haven’t managed this. If injured, I need to do three times this distance on the bike.

Rule Number 2 – be strong

Do at least two strength sessions per week. I really notice a difference in my progress from when I was going to the gym and doing weights sessions regularly. I have weights. I have time. I will have a better body for men.

Rule Number 3 – Don’t eat crap

I think dietgirl said one time that at some stage you find you have dealt with most of the really crappy bad habits and the changes in diet have to focus on smaller and smaller adjustments. I haven’t really conquered this one yet. Most of the time I am good and then I blow it. Who orders a salad sandwich on wholemeal without butter plus a mineral water for lunch and then orders two fried dim sims on the side? Loser. Anyway, this is eight weeks of a concerted effort to cut out the crap.

Rule Number 4 – Eat breakfast

I like breakfast. It just cuts into my sleep. But for eight weeks, it is breakfast every day, even if it is just some toast or a piece of fruit when I get to work.

Anyway so that is the plan. Weigh ins are on Wednesdays. We’ll just see whether I can hold together good behaviour for 8 weeks.