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…work (still) insane. Back soon.


Things that are going on for me at the moment that are not monumental and life changing (it helps to remember them sometimes)

  • It is really really cold here in Melbourne and the heating is not working properly in our office building. Serious people doing serious jobs in their overcoats and scarfs (I am wearing a pale blue cardigan for the occasion
  • Hub has buggered off to the weekender to do some study and I am stuck at home so I can get to work. One consequence is that the overnight low is predicted at 4deg tonight and I will be without the three warm bodies who normally share my bed (one human, two canine);
  • My task tonight is a choice between a 20min run in the freezing cold or a forty min bike ride in the warm. I honestly don’t know what I will choose, but I am pretty sure that they don’t do any fun runs on the exercise bike in my living room
  • Hub is being really understanding about me maybe not joining him at the weekender until Friday after work instead of going down tomorrow night and commuting, because the long commute makes me grumpy. I suspect that the moral to the story will be that I will be expected to be non-grumpy on Friday night, which kind of paints me into a corner, mood-wise
  • My recurring searches to find any one of the several perfectly good sports bras for running appear to be less enthusiastic and thorough in the winter – leaving me to conclude “Oh well, I shall have to use the bike”
  • I have been tentatively converted to playing a stupid game on the internet (and not like when I was forced to read the Hobbit and hated it). Who would have thought that smashing imaginary six-legged beasts with a two handed axe could be so therapeutic? Now I just have to get one of those internet gaming addictions so that I can blame something else if my life turns to hell in a handbasket.
  • Major changes in life situation tend to aggravate my need to track and monitor every freaking thing. As a result every financial transaction I make is now monitored pretty much automatically in a newly installed computer program. Want to guess how long that took me to set up? And the figures don’t actually become more reassuring if you put them in multiple places.
  • I have an unfortunate tendency to immediately and completely forget people’s due dates when they are pregnant. Including close members of my family. Such as my twin sister. There is no easy way to casually admit that you have no idea when your niece/nephew is due. I mean, I know approximately. I assume people will tell me when it happens, then I can pretend I have been counting down to the date./evil

So, how have things been with you?

So, we had a get together the other night with some other ausrunners which was great fun. Had a blast and stayed much longer than I intended – in the end had to get a speedy cab ride home rather than training it so that I could get home before our dinner guest arrived.

One of the games of the evening seemed to be trying to convince me to make a tipsy decision to commit to running the Melbourne Half in October. Until very recently, we had been planning to go on a trip to North America in October so I didn’t expect to be in the country. So my thoughts about the day were along the lines of “Well if I were in the country I would do my first half at Melbourne, but I won’t be so can’t be helped”. Recently other life developments have led us to indefinitely postpone travel plans, so suddenly I find that I am in the country in October. And that tends to lead the conclusion that therefore, doing my first half at Melbourne should be back on the agenda.


I have spent the last month doing probably the least training in the Project so far. Do I really have enough time left to get myself on track for an actual half marathon in the three months or so until the day? I am fairly confident that I can regain pretty quickly the level of running I was doing (because, let’s face it, it’s not like I was running 100km weeks). But can I get from that to HM ready in the available time? And do I really want to actually sign up for a HM and in particular this one? It is one thing coming in last in an 8km race, but coming in well after everyone else in an event like a half is a whole other level of humiliation? Perhaps I should wait till I can confidently aim for a sub 2.5 hour half before I jump on this particular bandwagon.

Part of my concern about this is that I am fairly sure that I won’t make the cut off at 11km in 80mins. I could do it if I really pushed, but I am obviously not going to go all out when I still have 10K (and for me over an hour of running) to go. I don’t think I will miss it by terribly much, but the thought of running half the course not actually on the course is a little deflating. However, a quick look at the route map has reassured me somewhat. Yes there is a cut off at 11km which I probably won’t make, but at 13km the HM course rejoins the marathon course for the rest of the distance to the G. So I won’t actually have to run that far on the footpath. I will have people pointing out that at least some people doing the full marathon are likely to beat me completign the Half, but that is just a special entertainment service that I offer for spectators.

So while I am not yet ready to commit myself by entering the race, the half at Melbourne is back on the agenda as a possible. I have looked that the training plan and the amount of time left and if my training isn’t interrupted I can complete my program plus a bit to get me to a stage where I think I ought to be able to complete a half even if I allow a little bit of time to get back up to speed with my running. If everything goes to hell in a handbasket, then I can always choose to enter the 10K for which I should be well prepared.

So there you go. I am officially half committed to doing a half. The first step is to get back to four or five sessions of exercise a week for at least 30 mins at a time, with at least three of those being running and I am on my way to checking that one off my list.

It is amazing how things progress; first I do some exercise and then I actually get out for a run. After far too long not running decided to ease back into it yesterday with a short loop. Conscious of not having run recently and preferring to do less rather than more to start with so chose a short loop and threw in walk breaks whenever I felt like it. Ended up being out run walking for about 30mins, which I was happy with for a start. Now I just need to follow it up with another run in a couple of days.

I wouldn’t allow myself to be grumpy about forcing myself to run as I was thinking of the ausrunners doing the Gold Coast Marathon at the same time. How bloody inspiring is that when I struggle to get out for a half hour or so covering a very short distance?

This last month has officially been the worst for exercising since I started the Project ™. I probably should have been less dramatic about mentioning that I have had a lot of big changes happening as it prompted at least one friend currently interstate to call me immediately to find out what the heck was going on. Whoops. Funnily enough, as much as I was looking forward to running in winter when I was heaving myself around in a pool of perspiration in January, the weather has been a major demotivating factor this month. I don’t mind it when I get going, but when I come home to a centrally heated house, the last thing I want to do is go out in the cold for exercise purposes.

So with the beginning of the new financial year, I am turning over a new leaf. Or I am turning the current one over on to the right side again. Whatever. Today I have a little bit of muscle soreness but better than I expected. First aim is to build back up to 4-5 sessions per week (compared with the 4-5 sessions I have done for the whole of the last month). Then get the mileage back on track, then start the training program (again).