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Still no exercise but actually beginning to feel human.

So after a good ten days waiting on hearing back about my puter at the shop I finally get to the bottom of what has happened with it. Nothing. That’s right, it has taken them close to ten days to report that it won’t turn on (yeah, like, that is the fault!!) and do nothing else. I find this out when they clarify to me that if I want them to actually open the thing up and diagnose the fault, they will charge me $140 per half hour just to *diagnose* the fault, and then will give me a quote for how much to fix it. No, they won’t place a cap on how many half hours it will take them to diagnose the problem. And they do require payment of at least the first $140 in advance. Given that I fully expect the verdict to be “it’s fried”, I don’t really want to spend too much more money on it simply so that I can make a claim for reimbursement on my insurer. Particularly when they are charging just as much as MY HOURLY RATE to open the bloody computer up and have a look. Bloody delicate geniuses (genii?)

So, after that wasted 10 days of messing around with zero progress, I approach it from a different perspective. So now the plan is for my insurer to get the computer and assess its brokenness, which means I don’t have to pay for pointless delicate genius work.

The frustrating thing is that I am 90% sure that my computer is a write-off. I am 100% sure I have the money to buy a new one and won’t have to wait until I get the insurance payout. However, I am also 100% sure that if I go ahead a buy a new one now, they will declare that they are able to fix the old one and I will then have two (2) notebook computers. So more waiting.

I must be clear that I am not without computer of course. Apart from the fact that I use a computer all day at work, I have been using our spare mac (which I can’t stand), so I haven’t gone cold turkey.

Oh, and prize for the best customer service in this whole debacle goes to the girl from the insurer’s appointed computer technician who rang this morning to get all of my details so that the job could be assigned to a technician. I explained that the problem was that the computer didn’t turn on and had no function lights. She concluded her call by saying “If you notice any other faults with the computer in the meantime, please call us and let us know”. I shall be sure to inform them if the machine decides to go further than just totally ceasing to work. I mean, it is just a very expensive paperweight at the moment. How much worse could it get? Spontaneous combustion perhaps? A side order of total structural meltdown?


So apparently I am allergic to running because immediately after going for my first run in ages, I became terribly ill and spent the best part of a week in bed. Blerg. Just beginning to feel better now but still a few days off running. And predictably, Hub is now sick. Heh.

A week after sending my computer off to be diagnosed they rang me up and told me two things that I already knew – if it was spillage damage then it wasn’t covered by warranty (der), and that it didn’t switch on (double der). I explained again that I need them to diagnose the problem, quote me to fix it so that I can show that it is not worth fixing and they need to do it all in writing. Apparently this type of service is an entirely new concept and they have gone away to think about it some more.

To joey who said that she would have gone off and bought a new DVD player for the 6 weeks of warranty, we were way ahead of you on that one. Justifying on the basis that a) DVD players only live about 6 months in our house and b) we can use the spare one in the bedroom, we trotted off to Kmart. In a lesson in true customer service we told the guy our requirements (cheap, no novelty tie ins, otherwise we don’t care) and he went off and found us something that fit the bill. And of course has been working perfectly since.

Have two more weeks of work before a luxurious month of combined study/annual leave. The aim is to knock my study on its head and get most of it out of the way before some ramping up of my work/life commitments later this year. We will see how well that works out, but it does mean that I need to get me a new computer sometime within that period which means I have to get “technicians” to do more than tell me that it won’t turn on. Seriously. And then I have to go through the flipping house insurance run around to try and cover the cost of the new one instead of delving into my hard earned recently paid off debt.

Am aware that this blog is turning into an electronics/customer service tirade rather than a running blog, but Sara said that she wanted to hear about my dreary life so youse can all put up with it.

Well, given that it has been ages since I have updated this seriously, be prepared for some random jumbled information for your up catching pleasure.

First and foremost, I have done really crap at exercise over the last couple of months. And then because I was too ashamed to open my exercise log, I stopped recording my exercise, which means that I literally do not know when the last time I exercised was. Actually, the last time I exercised was yesterday, but before that – who the hell knows? Anyway remember when I turned over a new leaf for the new financial year? As it happens, not so much. Apparently the same damn leaf after all. So no longer half committed either.

I have learned a lot of course. Like the fact that taking your running gear everywhere you go doesn’t actually count if you never put it on. My sneakers are becoming well travelled, without me actually doing any travelling in them.

So yesterday I had some excess tension to burn off (more about that later) so went for a quick burl around the block. Ran for as much as I wanted then walked some, and was out for about 35 mins which I was pleased with. A day later, nothing much hurts except in my rib area (?). So pretty pleased and will see if I can repeat this sometime.

The reason I was a little tense is pretty straightforward. As some might remember, my computer died earlier this year out of warranty, necessitating an expensive replacement. It appears I should have opted for the waterproof version, as it then might have survived having tea spilt on it. Which apparently it hasn’t. But it will take the service people up to two weeks to confirm that this is the case so that I can a) buy another computer, b) rescue my hard drive and c) claim on my insurance. Bugger. This is certainly an inconvenient way to upgrade my computer regularly.

Then we decided to top off the weekend by returning our 6 week old DVD player under the special super dooper extra warranty we bought (because we have a bad history with DVD players). And Doogie Howser with stubble was giving us crap about returning it because he couldn’t replicate the fault. We managed to replicate it and one hour of paperwork later he tells us it is being sent off for up to 6 weeks to be fixed. 6 WEEKS!!

The world is populated by idiots who all got jobs as salespeople.

Oh, and also by my new nephew who is just the cutest thing you ever did see.