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It always comes as a surprise to me how doggone tired I get when I am indulging in regular vigorous exercise. It’s all a good “I’ll-sleep-well-tonight!” kind of tiredness rather than a just “kill-me-kill-me-now” kind of tiredness, but I always forget to make allowances for the occasional nanna nap.

Not that the exercise has been all that vigorous when viewed in a balanced way, but it’s all relative. My super secret highly scientific technique for getting back on track is to head out my front door, jog as far as I can before the lungs or legs (or both) complain too loudly, then walk until I get my breath back. Lather, rinse, repeat.

At least while I am doing fairly low intensity I have been trying to take toby-the-dog-shaped-boy with me, and for a puppy who seems to have limitless energy it is very nice to exhaust it sometimes. As for the exercise, I am feeling pretty good about it – can manage about 5 mins in a row with a fair margin for error depending on what else is going on. I am aiming for 25-40 min 3-4 times per week and managed that this last week so that is a big tick.


Wow. Long time no posting.


Promise a real post coming real soon.

The lightning update – computer sitch RESOLVED. My new computer is pretty. And it has a webcam (for whatever reason I would want that – the guy demo’d it by bring up a live picture of me looking at the computer and my reaction was like DEEMONS!! DEEMONS!! Poor guy almost lost a sale just because I went to buy a computer looking like a schlep).

Then more running around to rescue my hard drive which I managed to do just 10 days into my extended STUDY LEAVE (ie where I needed stuff on my hard drive). But all good.

Study leave over and not as productive as I would like, but it’s always that way. And the marthon yesterday guilted me into getting out and starting THE PROJECT(tm) all over again. More on that in another post (guaranteed to make you feel like a total athletic hero). I am way too guilted to even catch up on other people’s achievements. Bad deege!! (Hey, aren’t you that person who used to hang around with us runners a while ago?)

Last night I turned over in bed and scratched one of my thumbnails across my elbow. And drew blood. Seriously – my name is klutz.

Tomorrow am interviewing people to work for me on a contract project for the next 12ish months and maybe more and one of them lists “positive self talk” as a skill. He was one of the ones that hadn’t failed any subjects. Sigh.

You know what isn’t a good logical progression? Even though it seems logical? Take up regular exercise – feel more alert – be more productive – experience good rapid career advancement – get insanely busy and under pressure – create more time in day by stopping exercising.

Hey you know when we got the DVD player back (scroll down lazy gits, can’t be bothered linking)? Two days ago. They returned it to us missing a power cable. That was after they couldn’t find our details in their records when we went to pick it up. Dickwads.

Last night we are pretty sure that the person who called at 10pm and 11:30pm with semi-plausible queries was prank calling us. Even more sure after the 12:30am hang up. When you combine that with the person earlier in the night who rang our doorbell and ran away leaving a rodney rude CD (I kid you not), we are pretty sure someone was foolin with us.

Tonight when I restarted the project I took toby the dog-shaped boy along. I am pretty sure I broke him. He is now asleep on the bed. Piker.

I don’t *get* facebook. I am on there and everything, but people keep inviting me to groups or to install applications or whatever and I keep being forced to press ignore on my friends. That seems rude (though not as rude as when I send my sister internet links debunking the bloody virus warnings and such that she blindly sends me).

My niece has the coolest special affection for me even though I don’t see her that often. I mean, yeah she is not yet two and probably doesn’t get why I look just like her mum but different somehow (identical twins) but I still reckon it is because I am better than everyone else.

/end stream of consciousness.