It always comes as a surprise to me how doggone tired I get when I am indulging in regular vigorous exercise. It’s all a good “I’ll-sleep-well-tonight!” kind of tiredness rather than a just “kill-me-kill-me-now” kind of tiredness, but I always forget to make allowances for the occasional nanna nap.

Not that the exercise has been all that vigorous when viewed in a balanced way, but it’s all relative. My super secret highly scientific technique for getting back on track is to head out my front door, jog as far as I can before the lungs or legs (or both) complain too loudly, then walk until I get my breath back. Lather, rinse, repeat.

At least while I am doing fairly low intensity I have been trying to take toby-the-dog-shaped-boy with me, and for a puppy who seems to have limitless energy it is very nice to exhaust it sometimes. As for the exercise, I am feeling pretty good about it – can manage about 5 mins in a row with a fair margin for error depending on what else is going on. I am aiming for 25-40 min 3-4 times per week and managed that this last week so that is a big tick.