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No, it’s not three conservative female fairfax journalists, it’s almost *christmas* dummies!!

So in deference to those who have kindly followed up with me and inquired about my whereabouts and activities, thought it was only fair to update. So, to the lightning update.

Life continues to careen along at break neck speeds. All of those things that I was organising 6 months ago are still happening – still trying to find a new house to live in hopefully in the new year sometime, still trying to sort out a major shift in my professional life, still without a DVD. Strike that, we actually got that one fixed.

There has been an unusually high level of absurdity going on lately which is always fun. Like the people I am having a lot to do with at the moment who seem to expect that someone at my age and stage should have secreted away somewhere multiple investment properties and, I don’t know, gold ingots or something. Makes me feel like a positive slacker – what have I been doing with my life?

So after dealing with the strange sado-masochismo (heh, see what I did there) that is personal finance, I thought I might as well keep pounding the pavement in my own, less financial, form of public torture. This was at least in part prompted by Hub’s insistent prodding – “you know that you are a nicer person when you are exercising regularly”. No guarantees, though.

And it is a weird form of torture. Last night I had feckless youths heckling (feckling?) me and they actually called out “run, fatty run!”. Not the wittiest remark anyone has ever made and I was tempted to scold them, but I was afraid they might beat me up and dump me behind a row of multi-coloured wheelie bins (has anyone else noticed how the sheer variety of recycling/greenwaste/rubbish bins sometimes makes the road seem like a UN peacekeeping movement of soldiers with gaily coloured helmets? No? Never mind.) The big advantage was that I bloody wasn’t going to permit myself to indulge in my semi-regular walking/gasping for breath break until I was well around the corner thank you very much.

One of the advantages of looking for new houses is that I get to plan myself all sorts of nice things that my current house doesn’t have. Oddly enough spacious well-organised laundries seem to come close to the top of the list (because currently I don’t have one). But well equipped rooms for all of our exercise related equipment are also great attractions.

I am of course in the midsts of the particular hell that is christmas shopping. Depressing that I spend several hours running around spending money I don’t have only to realise that I have still only bought birthday presents for all those that I will be seeing at Christmas and who have a birthday in Novermber or December. Botheration.