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Okay, did any of you realise that posting things on the intermanet means that other people read them?

So Hub apparently found out about all things I am planning to do this year. Add number 51 to the list: talk to Hub more.

And the other thing he pointed out from my list is that I mentioned toby the dog shaped boy about 4 times but never mentioned at all the darling incomparable sasha, who is our other dog. That is, of course, because she already does what she is told and comes when she is called and all of those detail oriented things. Oh, and she is more of a daddy’s girl anyway, so it tends to be me that has to square off against the dog boy (he is only two years old btw, so we understand that he is going through a bit of a stage.

So I am toying with this idea that I read in the last Runners World of rewarding myself when I meet my exercise goals. Financially that is. I figure I generally feel guilty spending money on splurging for myself anyway, so why not go with it? So starting now, I am going to put some money away every week when I manage at least three sessions of exercise per week, I put $3 in the tin. For every session more than that I chuck in an extra buck. Then after 6 months (or twelve months if I do less well) I can break out the tin and buy myself something nice and running related.

From now on will be reporting the running balance. Geddit?

Oh, and nudge the forerunner refused to speak to me for all of about 5 minutes before he started beeping and recording data like a mad thing. What a sweet little anthropomorphised electronic device.


1. Keep the whole exercise thing more regular – not necessarily breaking any records or anything, just regularly getting out there.
2. Get a good night’s sleep more often.
3. Keep myself accountable to 1 & 2.
4. Really really really do work on my thesis.
5. Really.
6. Stop putting off all of those things I need to do for myself – eye check, doctors check up, health insurance, tax agent etc etc
7. Be more efficient so that I can spend more time lolling around doing nothing much.
8. Stop procrastinating.
9. Actually, I will leave that one until next year.
10. Catch up with my (extended) family more often.
11. Eat more sensibly more consistently.
12. Walk the dogs more.
13. Finally sort out all of my finances.
14. Get organised – clear out all of my un-needed junk.
15. Get rid of clothes that I don’t wear.
16. Suck it up and buy enough clothes to have a full wardrobe, even if I am trying to drop dress sizes.
17. Organise it so that I actually have a wardrobe, or at least somewhere to hang stuff.
18. Teach toby the dog shaped boy to stop eating my clogs (seriously, 7 pairs in various states of disrepair is too many).
19. Get over my fear of confronting how far I have fallen, and hook up Nudge the garmin again, and load my training records.
20. Maintain training records.
21. Welcome Betty into our home (hopefully more on this in the coming months).
22. Finally find a new bloody house (with a nice laundry) and move in.
23. Finish that cool cardigan that is half knitted under the bed before winter hits.
24. Have a really flash celebration for the wedding anniversary (10 years!)
25. Get savings. Or gold ingots or something.
26. Make another batch of mead.
27. Increase giving to charity.
28. Teach toby the dog shaped boy to come when he is called, even if he does have a ball in his mouth.
29. Go away somewhere nice that I haven’t been before.
30. Embrace my newfound love affair for plain mineral water (ahh, so refreshing).
31. Go through with the plan to get all of the nieces and nephews football memberships.
32. Go to the football more often.
33. Play golf at least once a quarter.
34. Do fun and adventurous activities that I have avoided for a while or have never done (swimming, water aerobics, bike riding, trap shooting).
35. Be a good boss so that people speak about me in awe and hushed tones (seriously, that would be cool).
36. Spend more time with the nieces and nephews.
37. Go to some fun runs and events so that I can catch up with ausrun people again.
38. Be svelte.
39. Drink water lots.
40. Get all the washing done.
41. Take mum and dad out to dinner or to a show. For no reason.
42. Get a new watch
43. Have people for lunch/dinner more often.
44. Dye my hair.
45. Finish painting the house (One part of the house has been done for like 4 years – time for the rest to be done).
46. Preserve lots of tomatoes.
47. Plant flowers.
48. Organise my paperwork once and for all.
49. Keep contact with all the people I know I should keep contact with.
50. Be at peace.