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So this morning I was amazed to experience the feeling of space on the train. School holidays means all the school bags and kids are absent, but it appears that a good number of their family members have also agreed to take a break so the absence of the filled to the brim carriages was a pleasant change.

So the reintroduction to the running has been going well – completed my intended schedule for this week and actually have done much better than I thought I would in terms of how I have felt about it all. Must be distracted by having the bejeezus scared out of me by the books on tape version of “I am legend”. I didn’t realise that it was the same story as the movie “The Omega Man” so when Will Smith was on the trailers all whiny and “I have a dog” and stuff, I kind of took them at their word when they said “only person alive” and thought that it was kind of an urban version of Castaway and dealing with the fact that everyone else in the whole world was gone. But I realise that they were all being clever and stuff and there were no other human beings on earth, but everyone else had gone and been zombified (in the book they are all vampires).

So given that I have been listening to this while running at night, in the dark, in the cold, on deserted suburban streets, maybe this wasn’t such a good choice after all. A couple of times Toby the dog shaped boy has come along to protect me – but he seems more focussed on peeing on every tree in a five block radius than protecting me from vampires (this from a dog who got the snip as a puppy and therefore should have no marking instinct).

Hmm, that got a little off track, didn’t it?

So the plus side is no really sore legs, good consistency and scary vampires. Everything you look for in an exercise regime.


So just to clarify, there ain’t been much in the way of running over the last 6 months. I have started up again in a more dedicated way but it will be a while before I am thinking about any serious running goals. Just for the moment getting out there and moving regularly will be fine with me.

Toby the dog shaped boy didn’t destroy the house, though he did destroy a few things within the house. Nothing too concerning though. Perhaps Sasha the mature one kept him in check. Actually they are lying on my lap snoring at the moment so who can be mad at them, the darlings.

So with the whole turning over a new leaf, I am tracking exercise, I am tracking food (though I am spectacularly bad at choosing healthy options eating out – I choose something that seems healthy, then go and punch it into the system and whoah – why didn’t I just eat some dried crackers and chug a bottle of champers – it would be less calories and I wouldn’t remember that I was still hungry). And as of tonight, we decided at my church congregation that we would each spend a couple of months tracking our spending. Though I have done this before, I am a little concerned about what it will reveal about the poor way that I steward my resources (always a good source of guilt from my father’s teachings). I use a budget and do these types of assessments relatively regularly but have been putting off doing this one. Suspect that there will be a few changes in that area I need to implement as well.

Okay, so that seems the whole triangle of self-assessment horror. Good-o.

It is really very easy for months and months to slip past with all the very best intentions giving way to a vague undirected sort of half effort. The vague half effort has been good as these things go, but ought be replaced by something a little more well-intentioned and consistent. Random thoughts:

1. I am a clutz. How is it possible that I don’t fall down more? I half feel like I should wear crash gear to go running these days.

2. Audio books rock as a soundtrack for running. Started listening to I am Legend last night during my run and can’t wait to go again so I can listen to the next instalment. Side note – how is it possible for me to have completely missed the whole pretext of that plot? I mean, I didn’t see the movie or anything, but I saw a heap of ads for it, and still within the first 2 minutes of listening to the book I was all like “Hmm, that was unexpected”.

3. I still can’t understand why my ribs hurt after I go running. Do I really swing my arms so violently as to provide a workout for my ribs?

4. I am pleasantly surprised at how much fitness I have maintained. Though the other day Hub cautioned me not to run in public because I “run like a [my maiden name]”, as if that explained everything.

5. Note to self – remember that you drove the car to the station today – remind yourself of this so that you (a) get off at the right station and (b) don’t walk home.

6. So reading around it appears that lots has been happening for various people since I last read forums and blogs. Consider this my all purpose congratulations, commiserations, expression of interest in your lives (to the extent that you still read this).

7. Additional note to self – stop spending the day fretting about the destruction that toby the dog shaped boy is sure to have wreaked at home with Hub away all day. He has already destroyed all of the books that your sister lent you so it is not as if you will have to buy (even) more replacements.

8. Too late. I sure hope that the house is still standing when I get home (after remembering to get off at the right station and pick up the car).