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I think I should reconsider having Monday as my check in day, coming as it does after the weekend. My new regime of recording the food means that I have a terrible Monday morning quarterback recounting of all the things I shouldn’t have eaten. Kind of makes it clear why they reckon that simply recording what you eat leads to more consistent better eating. It is the shame factor of course.

Went to vote on Saturday and after having spent my time poring over websites and policies to decide how to vote below the line, I left my print out at home and had to try to reconstruct my thoughts. Of course I ended up getting mixed up and misnumbered one of the boxes and had to go to ask for a replacement ballot. I had to explain what the problem was, which oddly enough required me to show my ballot to the volunteer. Part of me thought that I shouldn’t have to do that in order to get a replacement ballot when I had made a mistake. Then the lady asked me whether I was aware that I could just number one box above the line. Thank you, yes, I was aware of that. Anyway, she gave me a replacement and I managed to get all the right numbers in roughly the right boxes so that I could hand in my ballot.

I suspect that the hung parliament is going to be fascinating over the coming months for however long it manages to last. Hopefully it should give both parties a bit of a wake-up call about the fact that people will vote for other parties if they become disillusioned with the main parties. My idealist side hopes that it will mean that the parties will learn the lessons about not taking the electorate for granted and providing genuine engagement with people about the direction of the country. I suspect that might be a little optimistic though.

One thing that I am quite excited about as a means of tracking progress etc is the new scale which arrived today including a body fat measurement. I don’t want to really primarily track on the basis of weight as that kind of isn’t the point and plus it can be quite misleading as to progress depending on what I am doing. So I have started to include measurements and now body fat recording as well. I will be interested to see whether that helps to see progress which might not be immediately apparent.

It is still pretty dark in the evening when I go running, and I am conscious of the fact that there are fewer street lights and other general safety markers than where we used to live. Hub has suggested I take Toby the dog-shaped boy with me when I go out running in the evening, so I am thinking I will try that tonight. He will be absolutely insufferable though – as he will need a good month or so practice before he will properly behave with me, particularly seeing as he doesn’t really understand the concept of a run/walk program. To wit, an artist’s impression:

“Whee!! We are running, running, quick, quick, run”
“What, where’d you go? Why did you stop running? C’mon, this way”
“Yay, we are running, running, running, running like the wind!”
“Again? What’s with the stopping and walking again? We should be still running”


UPDATE – I copped out and left Toby the dog shaped boy at home. Good thing too – felt dreadful the whole way and his chipper personality would have annoyed me.


1. Illness.

I mentioned to Hub when I was going through gym assessment etc that I had a week of stuffing around before I could get into the first full week of the exercise program and that was about when I was expecting the first illness to turn up. Sure enough, 6 days into my first real week of the program I start coughing and snuffling. Like clockwork. Fortunately it seems to just be a mild winter sniffle so I am not having too much trouble soldiering on. But seriously, it’s like the evil forces in your body go “Hurry fellas, she is looking to get healthy again, let’s head her off at the pass!!”.

2. Washing.

It is so tiresome wearing so many clothes all the time. Suddenly I have doubled my clothes consumption by adding in another change of clothes every exercise day. And this isn’t the change of clothes that you can use again without washing even if you have dropped some cheese on it, but fine for bumming around home watching the tv (actually, that kind of made me sound pretty pathetic), but this is a full change of clothes which comes back all grotty and smelly. I was already struggling to keep up with the normal rate of bloody washing around the place.

3. Bargaining

My old self-bargaining skills are getting a good work out. It is a fair step up from my usual skills of denial and self-justification, but hard to avoid all the same. Today I pre-filled my food diary with my expected meals and exercise for the day and realised I had a huge amount of room left. So lunchtime saw me bargaining with myself to upgrade my lunch to something less boring and less good for me, seeing as I had all that evilness to spare.

Hub – So my naturopath wants to know if you are over your irrational aversion to seeing a naturopath.
Me – She asked you this?
Hub – Yeah, and she also thinks you should cut down your carbs.
Me – Your naturopath is giving me nutrition advice now? What the hell are you doing talking about me at your naturopath sessions for?
Hub – I talk about a lot of things. It’s flattering.
Me – You know this convinces me even more that naturopaths are just like prostitutes
Hub – I’m definitely going to tell her you said that!!
Me – I mean its this mysterious female that you have a relationship with that is totally separate to me and pay her several hundred dollars a fortnight to make you feel better.
Hub – …
Me – And now you are spending your time talking to her about how I just don’t understand you and your naturopathy fashions and besides that I eat too many carbs.
Hub – Well I think you should go, she can help you with your skin irritation.
Me – Seriously? I have a small intermittent patch of irritation which I have already checked with my *real* doctor and decided to live with. Just cause I call it leprosy doesn’t mean I think that bits are going to start falling off me. And I am not going to cross the threshold to having a witchdoctor wave stuff at me to fix something that doesn’t bother me. Unless it bothers you? Does it creep you out that I have leprosy? Are you scared my skin will start sloughing off my body?
Hub – She can help you with other things as well.
Me – Anyway, if we have discretionary prostitute like spending on health and wellbeing, I am spending mine on the gym-prostitute rather than the naturopath-prostitute.

DISCLAIMER – I don’t actually have anything against naturopaths, they just aren’t for me. And while a collection of a number of conversations, this is pretty much a true story.

Unfortunately it seems wordpress is messing with my security settings, so until I can export this to a different platform, posting will be infrequent. I email myself with posts that I forget to upload and then it seems like it is not worth it because the information has changed.

Okay so my first full week into the new regime and things are going well. I have done week one of C25K. I have been doing some run walk previously, so the hardest thing about it was getting out in the icy rain and cold we have been having. Yesterday after the gym I thought I would walk down the street quickly to get a script filled and it bucketed down. To add insult to injury the chemist was closed anyway, so twas all for naught.

The gym has been fun. I feel kind of lame pretending to be a proper gym person alongside all the hardbodies there, but I don’t really give a toss. It is a council run gym so there is a fair mix of people in any event. I have really appreciated the flexibility of being able to go to the gym or run and switch up what I am doing.

And it is early days, but everything seems to be pleasantly sore and going well so far. I haven’t fallen off the treadmills and I only fell over while running once (and it totally doesn’t count cause nobody saw it).

I know that having my low level of fitness confirmed shouldn’t annoy me, but it does. When I was being committed to things, I remember often feeling like I wasn’t making any headway, but now I have to go and claw back all of the progress that I did make. I could look at it that the very first fitness assessment should be terrible because it makes it easier to show good progress, but I am not really feeling that at the moment.

Anyway, I had my fitness assessment last night at the gym. My measurements and weight was crap, my fitness is crap and it was all a little deflating. The fellow who did the assessment was pretty nice and seemed to understand what I wanted from the program and totally refrained from making fun of my boombah-ness. Will get my routine on the weekend when I am next there, so I will be happy then to just get on with it.

But what I really should be focussed on of course are the fan-bloody-tastic cardio machines with individual television screens, ipod docks and all the whizz bang. With any luck I will be so distracted I won’t even notice all the searing pain and breathlessness and fallingoverness. There’s a plan of course.

After two years in exile, I have kept up a steady stream of page hits with searches for “testicles, men in tight shorts, flopping boobs, cutoff shorts guys, men’s bike shorts”. Some posts have a higher resonance than you expect.

So, after too long of just tooling around doing a bit of exercise here and there when I could fit it in, starting, stopping and restarting the C25K so that I could get back to running and otherwise being depressed by the cold weather, I caved. I did a hard target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse, doghouse and gym in proximity to my work and home. The pin ended up going in the option of the local to home leisure centre. I went and had the tour and booked in for the fitness test and so far very impressed. Very affordable even though membership includes some extras I am not sure whether I will use (like pool, steam room and sauna). The gym looks good with up to date equipment and not too many uber fashionable people. I shall see how we go with the fitness assessment (prediction: unfit) and program on Thursday.

While I was showing myself around the gym, I got a hint of just how much of a psycho I can be. I saw a girl that I know passingly well. And instead of smiling, waving or, you know, acknowledging her, my first instinct was to duck and hide. Because apparently going to the gym is something to be ashamed of. Or something. I forced myself to overcome my urges, but a little voice in my head starts whining “What does she have to go to my gym for….” cause I felt like my worlds were colliding.

So now for some goals and principles for the next three months (aka Phase 1)

  • will complete C25K or similar so as to get to a stage of running at least 30min at a time comfortably (this might not take this long, cause I have been kind of repeating weeks 1-3 over and over)
  • prioritise resistance training at least twice per week – weights always kicks my arse and makes a big difference so I don’t know why I keep dropping them out of my routine
  • scheduling my exercise sessions in my diary in advance
  • record what I eat – no rules for this except keeping a complete record, as I always finds this nudges me to be better behaved

  • I actually quite enjoy this stage of starting a new phase – there is lots of room for enthusiasm and possibilities rather than hard realities and so on. It is a little like the beginning of the school term but instead of fluorescent highlighters I am pulling my gym gear out of the back of the wardrobe, buying socks and charging my garmin. Plus, it has the added advantage of me not actually doing much more exercise than I have been doing recently anyway so I am still not into the phase of actually feeling sore or tired or any of that sort of thing.

    *tap* *tap*

    Is this thing on?


    It seems somebody left a perfectly good blog lying around dormant for several years. What a strange thing for such an unflinchingly committed, just try to force me to slide into a lacklustre exercise I dare ya kind of person that I am.

    Will just have to see whether I can sweep the cobwebs out and beat this place into some kind of shape.