I think I should reconsider having Monday as my check in day, coming as it does after the weekend. My new regime of recording the food means that I have a terrible Monday morning quarterback recounting of all the things I shouldn’t have eaten. Kind of makes it clear why they reckon that simply recording what you eat leads to more consistent better eating. It is the shame factor of course.

Went to vote on Saturday and after having spent my time poring over websites and policies to decide how to vote below the line, I left my print out at home and had to try to reconstruct my thoughts. Of course I ended up getting mixed up and misnumbered one of the boxes and had to go to ask for a replacement ballot. I had to explain what the problem was, which oddly enough required me to show my ballot to the volunteer. Part of me thought that I shouldn’t have to do that in order to get a replacement ballot when I had made a mistake. Then the lady asked me whether I was aware that I could just number one box above the line. Thank you, yes, I was aware of that. Anyway, she gave me a replacement and I managed to get all the right numbers in roughly the right boxes so that I could hand in my ballot.

I suspect that the hung parliament is going to be fascinating over the coming months for however long it manages to last. Hopefully it should give both parties a bit of a wake-up call about the fact that people will vote for other parties if they become disillusioned with the main parties. My idealist side hopes that it will mean that the parties will learn the lessons about not taking the electorate for granted and providing genuine engagement with people about the direction of the country. I suspect that might be a little optimistic though.

One thing that I am quite excited about as a means of tracking progress etc is the new scale which arrived today including a body fat measurement. I don’t want to really primarily track on the basis of weight as that kind of isn’t the point and plus it can be quite misleading as to progress depending on what I am doing. So I have started to include measurements and now body fat recording as well. I will be interested to see whether that helps to see progress which might not be immediately apparent.

It is still pretty dark in the evening when I go running, and I am conscious of the fact that there are fewer street lights and other general safety markers than where we used to live. Hub has suggested I take Toby the dog-shaped boy with me when I go out running in the evening, so I am thinking I will try that tonight. He will be absolutely insufferable though – as he will need a good month or so practice before he will properly behave with me, particularly seeing as he doesn’t really understand the concept of a run/walk program. To wit, an artist’s impression:

“Whee!! We are running, running, quick, quick, run”
“What, where’d you go? Why did you stop running? C’mon, this way”
“Yay, we are running, running, running, running like the wind!”
“Again? What’s with the stopping and walking again? We should be still running”


UPDATE – I copped out and left Toby the dog shaped boy at home. Good thing too – felt dreadful the whole way and his chipper personality would have annoyed me.