I am loving the gym at the moment. I don’t get there as often as I like, but I am loving the switch to strength training. My circuit takes around 50 minutes or so once I add in some cardio for warmup, and surprisingly enough I don’t feel as self-conscious as I thought I would spending all my time in the boys’ part of the gym. I am coming up to finishing the current card for my program and the normal routine would be to pony up for another fitness test and program. I think I might do that, and then if I am still enjoying things in another 3 months, I might look at adopting some of the programs I have seen around the place.

I find it odd that I would enjoy the environment of the gym with all the fluoro lights and mirrors and stuff. But I have even moved away from the over concealing baggy gym clothes as well. Because the thing about doing these exercises is that despite the ample padding, I can still see the muscles moving. When lifting weights, even my body with lots of work to do becomes strong and powerful and dynamic. And I might be fooling myself, but I feel like I can see the bits that will remain when the other currently more visible bits fall away.

I never feel that way from doing cardio – even running (which I love). All I can see is the unfit person trying to pretend that they are up to this. But in the unforgiving lights and mirrors of the scary weights part of the gym – I can see the part of me that is for the moment hiding.

It’s pretty darn cool, I gotta admit.