So I arrived home today to a box!! (I love deliveries)
A lonely box on my doorstep

A friend had recommended Aussie Farmers Direct for their random fruit and veggie box delivery. I had previously looked into a couple of options for this, but none seemed convenient to my area. So I signed up for an account and set up a couple of one off deliveries to see what it was like. They have two sets of delivery – one for meat, eggs and dairy which is delivered before 7am in the morning, and one for fruits and vegetables which comes sometime in the afternoon.

I have a meat, eggs and dairy order coming next week which should arrive before I leave for work. For the fresh delivery it seems you buy a reuseable cool bag which you put out the night before. For the veg delivery, they bring you a lovely (and very practical) box. I am totally using these things to reorganise my garage.

They have a random seasonal fruit and veg box for $25 for couples (other packages for families are available). I elected to go with the custom order cause I eat bugger all fruit. As long as the order is at least $25, you don’t pay delivery. As for price, I haven’t compared item for item, but my $25 box contained the following:

There’s some broccoli, red and green capsicum, carrots, beans, peas, cabbage and some truss tomatoes. The quality as you would expect from produce direct from farmers is a big step up from the supermarket options, though not at the organic boutique produce level. Probably at the standard of a good fresh market. If I went to a fresh market, I am sure that I could get cheaper, but I tend to do a semi-regular veg shop at the supermarket where I pick up these basic items and rarely come out spending much less than this. So in terms of value and convenience this is a big win for me.

I cooked up a bunch of veggies with some kanga meat chilli tonight and it was fantastic. So far I am sold. If the quality continues to be this good and the service as good, I might just switch to a regular order.