So Hub finally bought his bike. Thanks to those that gave advice. For those that are interested in the details, he is going to post his sordid tale in a guest post later this week.

Today we headed off for a ride together. The plan was to check out the bike path near us which would be Hub’s route to work, stop somewhere and grab some lunch, then meander back home after exploring a little more. The first bit was fun – we thought it would be fitting to have lunch at Human Powered Cafe which was scrummy.

So we headed out again, to try to find another path that we thought would link up with a way home. Turns out we were entirely mistaken about the path linking up, and we were left with a whole series of big hills left between us and our destination. And this is where I started to wilt. You see, Hub was using his schmicko new bike with all the mod cons. And I was using an old and poorly maintained moutain bike with none of the mod cons. Hub was good humouredly complaining that I was going too slow, while I was envying him his bike’s suspension as I caught every bump though my butt.

And did anyone notice it was hot and sunny today?

Anyway it was a good first venture and I told Hub that it won’t hurt him to have to ride at a slower speed once a week. Plus it is nice to justify the nice lunch with a good ride around (my arse doesn’t agree, but it will come around).