So I was feeling all positive about how everything was going but then was struck down by a terrible lurgy which has been hanging around for over two weeks now. The question of whether or not to exercise didn’t even rate a rumpled brow as I tried to once again cough up a lung.

Surely enough the first sign of feeling better was feeling crabby and envious of Hub going out on his new bike. So my first outing was to head out on the bike with Hub for a leisurely 20K or so along foreshore bike paths. The way out was fine, but for the lack of suspension and/or padding on my bike seat meaning that every rock and pebble vibrated through whatever bones are being hidden by my ample buttocks.

The last 5K or so was wretched, mainly cause my sinuses started streaming (and the aforementioned bone vibration system was not getting any better). Anyway, Hub is keen to keep on schedule with the weekend rides o togetherness, even though he is cheating by getting in lots of kms on the rest of the days of the week just so he can show me up.

With Easter coming up (and me hopefully feeling better again still) the weekend will be longer and the expectation of rides correspondingly higher. So I bit the bullet and got myself some stretchy lycra shorts with associated padding to assist with the whole bone buttock vibration phenomenon. I will try not to frighten the kiddies.