Well it has been a chilly old week or so, it seems. I have found it hard on the old motivation to get home in the evening and head on out again to the gym, but I have been (mostly) keeping to my rules. I have however been submitting to the lesser evil of doing HIIT repeats on the bike in front of the telly rather than braving the cold and wind to get down to the gym. I noticed the other day on my program sheet that my attendance for the last month has been fairly spotty, so must try to do better on that count this month.

My gym session on the weekend ended up being the occasion of my first little run in ages. I headed out on Saturday afternoon in my gym gear with a jumper. I normally walk to the gym but it was so freezing that I decided I should start my warmup straight away and went for a little run for the kilometre or so that it takes to get to my gym. I think that counts as going for a run.

I had been thinking about regularly using the treadmill to make my ten minute warmup at the gym a short jog. However, I don’t know that I can run on the tready – I feel unco and keep imagining that I am going to trip or fall off or something (things that are not outside of the realm of possibility for me).

The task for this month is to be a bit more intentional about scheduling my workouts in my diary so that I don’t lose track of what I am doing.