It all started with a New Year’s Resolution. My resolutions have been pretty easy for the last couple of years because the same old resolutions were always available, because I had never managed to achieve them the year before. Convenient.

Anyway in 2006 I shocked myself by actually achieving number one on the list – quitting smoking – in January. That left me a whole 11 months in which I had to turn my attention to the rest of the list. I hung around a couple more months to see whether I would become a relapsed smoker, thereby relieving me of the requirement to actually get off my bum. But it was not to be. Guess I just enjoyed the clear lungs too much.

So in about April I signed up to the seediest gym you can imagine, and thus began the PROJECT ™. Originally defined as losing about 30kg of weight, the Project is actually much more concerned with never having to know how much I weigh ever again. I have only ever known and remembered my weight when I have been trying to lose it. When I was fit and healthy I never even owned a set of scales. So the Project is not about losing weight. The Project will make weight irrelevant. The Project is about being healthy. The Project is about increasing energy. The Project is about making me feel good about myself. And, since May 2007, the Project has been about running.

I always liked running, but was deterred from starting because I figured it was impossible to be a still-pretty-fat-and-unhealthy chick and a runner. But in May 2007, sick of riding on bikes to nowhere and dealing with machines that beeped, I said “bugger this” and started running again.

The Project has ill-defined outcomes and KPIs. Basically if I am feeling good about the Project then it is a success. Hopefully in time success will mean being healthier, happier and less stressed. If it also means reducing my dress size enough that I can find clothes in my size that don’t look like they have been designed by Maggie Taberer then that will be a welcome bonus.

I don’t tend to post numbers and stats, but in 7 months the Project has helped me to lose 6.5kg, has helped me to a point where I can now run 10K or 80mins in a row and a point where I normally run or otherwise exercise 4 to 5 times per week. I still have a long way to go, but I am enjoying the journey.