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I *so* do not feel like going for a run this morning. Gah, need more sleep. MoOooooOOOre SlEEeeeeEEEP.

Shut up. Stop whingeing. It is only going to be 11K.

Don wanna. Ow, you feel that? My knees are hurting. Ouch OUCH. Maybe I have ITB problems. I really shouldn’t mess around with my ITB. I should probably just go home.

You do not have ITB problems. Don’t be pathetic, you have been running for all of 500 metres. And it has all been downhill so far.

Grumble mumble bumble. That’s IT. I am sick of this. Look, a nice wooden thing to sit down on just before the trail starts. I might stop there for a bit. [sits down and stares into space for a couple of minutes]

I can’t believe you are stopping when you haven’t even got onto the trail yet. For crying out loud, Nudge says we have been only going for 1.7K so far. [watches super fit young chaps sprinting around the corner] Oh, pants.

We should go back. I am not enjoying this. Everything hurts.

We can’t go back. That would make our “long run” only 3.4K. You can’t have a long run which is shorter than every other run you do during the week. And anyway, what about Em and Jo who can’t run at all. Imagine if they could see you now. For shame.

[hangs head in shame]

[gets up and starts running again]

But maybe we could just go for a short run instead of a long run? We could turn around at 3K or something.

We have to go at least 8K today. As it is all this moping around means that the furthest we can go is 10K otherwise we won’t be back in time. Anyway, going 8K just means that we have to go another 2K or so before the turn around.

Oooh, a toilet. I really need to go. I’ll just stop and go to the toilet and maybe get a drink of water. And stretch a bit. And enjoy the view for a while. Then I can start again.

Okay, you’ve had your flippin toilet break. Keep going. If you go another 2.5K then you can turn around and that will make it 10K.

My quads are hurting now. Not that *you* care. I could have torn muscles. I could have a flesh eating virus and you’d be all “keep going, run 10K” Pah.

Look, we have just passed the turn around point for a 6K run. This is easy, two to go.

Gah. Need to stop.

What’s wrong, need to stretch?

No, just need to stand by the side of the path glaring at the creek and thinking up creative swear words.

Get moving again. 1.5K to go.

1K to go.

500m to go.

200 to go.

150 to go.

75 to go.

20 to go.

Can I just turn around here?

You can’t be serious. Run another 20 metres until nudge beeps. [beep].

Ahh, now I can stop. Just to celebrate that I don’t have to run further away from home any more.

Get moving. Did you notice that you almost beat your training milestone for that 5K again? The times that you were actually moving, that is.

Hey, you know what? This is kind of fun. It’s much easier going back this way.

Yeah, this is a blast, the time is just flying by. That’s 2K already.


Hey, there’s the toilets again, you can try out that gel that you wanted to test.

How do I get it open? My hands are all sweaty.

Don’t use your teeth.

What are you, my mother? Ugh, that is disgusting. It’s not like it tastes bad, but it is slimy and viscous and… actually, you know what it is like?

I know. And it’s even the right colour.


Certainly an odd association for the middle of a run. Let’s go.

Look, a downhill – Wheeeeeeeeeee.

Swing by that tap, my hands are still sticky.


Hey look, we’re back at the start of the trail already. Yay.

OMG did I just run that pace on the 7th K of a long run?

Looks like it. Here’s the hill. Let’s go for the negative split.

Yay, running up the hill. Ouch. Don’t like this as much.

Keep going, just 500m to go, we are on track.

Run, Forrest, Run!!

Ooh, that lady is talking to us, can you hear what she is saying?

Um, she’s got an accent, I can’t quite understand her. Just smile.

You know what, we shouldn’t have smiled. That lady is crackers.

Run away! Run away! Race you to the milkbar.

We did it!! Negative spliteroony!

And now I don’t have to run any more today!!


Starting the new program has been great for me. This is my biggest week so far, and this month (with one week to go) is already my biggest month so far. With the program I have I am on target to SMASH my progress.

Today on the program was 10-11km and I wanted to do the longer run so that I could get in a couple of longer runs before the great train race. I did it on a flat course though. It was tough (as I expected it to be) but not as tough as I expected. It was my longest run since the R4TK so was happy to turn in a respectable long run pace for me (the first respectable pace I have managed since the R4TK).

Like every good AFL player, I finished my run with a walk in the bay. It was absolutely gorgeous out there tonight – just after dusk, with the tiniest bit of light on the water, dead still and FRIGGIN FREEZING. I stayed in until my feet felt like they were going to fall off (which actually wasn’t that long). Then home and in trouble from Hub for not sufficiently informing him of where I was and when I was coming back (my bad). I feel like I am about a hundred.

My short term goal is to be able to do this sort of run without feeling like I need to spend a week in recovery. Might take a while. According to the running log this is my third longest run ever, so I suppose I should suck it up a bit.

Well I didn’t end up doing the Coburg Harriers run. I was at a conference all day yesterday and didn’t get home till late, so I elected to sleep as long as I could, ended up getting out at about 10am for the run after a quick charge of Nudge.

Sporttracks complimented me again by guessing that this was hills instead of a long run. Can’t imagine why.


You will notice that my long run out and back course starts with a long downhill and therefore ends with a steady climb over about 2km. Running that on tired legs whenever I return from my long runs is quite the tall order. But I figure what doesn’t kill me etc etc.

So today I did finally manage to make 12km. I felt pretty ordinary in the first half and began to worry that I wouldn’t manage to keep up my steam, but in the second half my legs felt a bit looser and I felt much more comfortable. The splits show a negative split (just) but on the way out Nudge was beginning to squeak that his battery was low so didn’t take any drink breaks and didn’t need to stop for stretching (Nudge auto-pauses when I stop so if these breaks had been taken into account, my way out would have been significantly longer).

Anyway, I am pretty sure that this is my longest run ever. Young runner deege ran 10KM fun runs but she only ever did 6K or so in training. I am pretty sure she never actually ran further than 10Km. So got one up on her now, the skinny bint. All up I was on my feet for just over 100min, which is not far off my upper limit goal for the long runs of 120mins.

Feeling for the first time confident that I can complete R4TK. I just have to do what I did today and then add another 3.2K. 3.2K is nothing, so I am pretty sure I have the mind games to shame me into it.

For those non-garmin users, I need to explain something. When you upload your run information into Sportstracks, it tries to guess what category your activity should fit into, based on your previous categories that have been classified that way. So for me, if my pace is anything below about 7:45 kms, the program guesses that it is a race. So the other night when it guessed my run was a race I was thrilled. Of course, it works the other way as well. When your normal training runs get tagged as a long run (ie slow), it can be depressing. But today I went out for my long run and it came back as “hills” which I was pretty happy with. So two runs in a row where sportstracks has complimented me with its guesses. Can’t complain about that.

So I finally made it to 10K (something that I had been trying to accomplish for QUITE A WHILE NOW). I went for a loverly run this morning down to the foreshore, and even trotted out to the end of the Rosebud Pier to see what kind of picture Nudge would draw. I have uploaded the picture as the header on my site now – how cool does that look?

I came home and casually mentioned that I had gone for a run with Anthony and Sav Rocca. Well they were down on the foreshore when I was going for a run and they said hi when I said good morning (which makes them a cut above half of the people I saw this morning). Unfortunately I came home and did my sums and realised that my total for the year so far is 349.1KM so I have to go out for another quick km tonight so that I can make it for the year.

Hope that all of you behave yourselves tonight and may 2007 bring you all that you might dream of.

So this week I scored an invite to a special “friends” sale at the Nike store in the city with 40% off. It is actually the first time I have been in there as I find it all a bit too trendy and intimidating. I bought myself an arm pouch (so I can be like Em) and a hydration pack with an 800ml bottle that sits in the small of your back. Not as schmicky as the fuel belt ones, but at $14 with the discount, I am not complaining.

So today I took the hydration belt out for a spin. For one reason or another I haven’t managed to get out for a long run for AGES, so I was really looking forward to it today. It was a bit hot, so I took it really slow along the meandering hills of the Merri Creek Trail. Managed 9.6km in 80 minutes which is my longest run yet since I have started. I was glad that I had the water bottle as I had drunk it all by about the 8K mark, so I don’t know what I would have done without water.

Father Christmas came early to our house when we picked up an exercise bike this afternoon. Hub wanted to get one so he could do exercise while watching DVDs and we thought that I could also use it for cross-training. So it is pretty cool and hopefully will get a good workout on my non-running days.

Finally I think I have found my favourite running shirt. They had a bunch of pretty cheap technical shorts and shirts in Big W when I went the other day and one of the shirts I picked up from the mens’ department is very comfy and quite cool, plus it has “SPORTS XLNCE” written on the front. How can I resist?

The plan said 80mins this morning but I had to cut it a bit short because needed to take darling daughter to the vet. Weighed up leaving it till the afternoon but decided procrastination (even for a couple of hours) was not a great idea.

Difficult conditions due to the insane wind – made for very tough going a lot of the time. When it wasn’t blowing a gale, the sun came out and had quite a bit of heat in it. But the run was prtty good exploring a different direction along the merri creek trail and ended up just over 6km. When it gets a bit warmer (and lighter) will be good to go there more often for some of my midweek runs.

I got back and it was a mad rush to get showered and off to the vet (DD had to have a lump biopsied) and found good cause to be pleased that I had not put off until this afternoon – the heavens opened and it began bucketing down.

Well today was another great milestone. After building up since I finished the C25K, today was the first time that I ran for an hour non-stop. I kept going for a couple of minutes so that I could finish 8km. Woohoo!!

I felt pretty comfortable during the run, though sitting at the MCG in the cold this afternoon managed to leave me a bit stiff and sore (but at least we beat carrt’n). So I think that all of my long runs from now on will be at least 8km in preparation for the Spring into Shape series, though I will keep building up the distance until I get my long run to about 90mins.

My training pace has increased enough that I am having to rethink my goal for the first SiS as I just about beat that goal today in an easy training run.

The only bad thing about this is that as I run longer distances, I am starting to get really bored with running the same courses over and over again, which I do because I have measured how long they are. So it is great luck that I have just ordered myself a Garmin 205 to measure my distance for me. So now I will be able to run whereever I want and still keep track of my distance. And I can draw those cool little maps that people put on their blogs.

I am competitive by nature. Sometimes my best motivational tool is comparing myself to the people The only problem is that at my current state of health and fitness, I have to choose wisely to ensure that there is some comparison I can make which will show me the winner. Kind of like “Well, you might have a teeny tiny bottom, but I have my treadmill incline at 2% more than you”.

Pathetic, really.

I was doing it this morning. “You there watching the people play soccer – why don’t you get off your bum and run twice around Princes Park for once”. Or “Look at that guy meandering along – bet he hasn’t run twice around Princes Park in a looong while”. Or “So, you made all that effort to pass me and two metres later you pull off the path to rest – slow and steady wins the mindgame, loser.”

So I ran twice around Princes Park today (6.4km). I was pretty pleased with myself.

I was hemming and hawing about going for a long run today, but I kicked myself in the butt and drove down to the foreshore so that I could take advantage of the beautiful weather and run through the winding paths along the beach.

45 mins makes it my longest run yet. It was lovely running and I feel much better having that extra time in my legs.