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1. Illness.

I mentioned to Hub when I was going through gym assessment etc that I had a week of stuffing around before I could get into the first full week of the exercise program and that was about when I was expecting the first illness to turn up. Sure enough, 6 days into my first real week of the program I start coughing and snuffling. Like clockwork. Fortunately it seems to just be a mild winter sniffle so I am not having too much trouble soldiering on. But seriously, it’s like the evil forces in your body go “Hurry fellas, she is looking to get healthy again, let’s head her off at the pass!!”.

2. Washing.

It is so tiresome wearing so many clothes all the time. Suddenly I have doubled my clothes consumption by adding in another change of clothes every exercise day. And this isn’t the change of clothes that you can use again without washing even if you have dropped some cheese on it, but fine for bumming around home watching the tv (actually, that kind of made me sound pretty pathetic), but this is a full change of clothes which comes back all grotty and smelly. I was already struggling to keep up with the normal rate of bloody washing around the place.

3. Bargaining

My old self-bargaining skills are getting a good work out. It is a fair step up from my usual skills of denial and self-justification, but hard to avoid all the same. Today I pre-filled my food diary with my expected meals and exercise for the day and realised I had a huge amount of room left. So lunchtime saw me bargaining with myself to upgrade my lunch to something less boring and less good for me, seeing as I had all that evilness to spare.


I know that having my low level of fitness confirmed shouldn’t annoy me, but it does. When I was being committed to things, I remember often feeling like I wasn’t making any headway, but now I have to go and claw back all of the progress that I did make. I could look at it that the very first fitness assessment should be terrible because it makes it easier to show good progress, but I am not really feeling that at the moment.

Anyway, I had my fitness assessment last night at the gym. My measurements and weight was crap, my fitness is crap and it was all a little deflating. The fellow who did the assessment was pretty nice and seemed to understand what I wanted from the program and totally refrained from making fun of my boombah-ness. Will get my routine on the weekend when I am next there, so I will be happy then to just get on with it.

But what I really should be focussed on of course are the fan-bloody-tastic cardio machines with individual television screens, ipod docks and all the whizz bang. With any luck I will be so distracted I won’t even notice all the searing pain and breathlessness and fallingoverness. There’s a plan of course.

*tap* *tap*

Is this thing on?


It seems somebody left a perfectly good blog lying around dormant for several years. What a strange thing for such an unflinchingly committed, just try to force me to slide into a lacklustre exercise I dare ya kind of person that I am.

Will just have to see whether I can sweep the cobwebs out and beat this place into some kind of shape.



Well it certainly has been lately. For some reason to buck the trend I always find it more appetising to be regularly exercising in Winter – love splashing through the puddles and the rain and so on. As a result, having had a week where I have been pretty busy and unable to get out much, I am absolutely hanging out to go for a bit of a trot tonight.

Anyone else who is a big Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Firefly) fan like I am absolutely has to check his new project. It had me giggling last night, particularly after having watched Felicity Day for the last year in her web project The Guild. Oh and if you are into fun things on the interwebz, be sure to check out Julia Nunes who I find to be just adorable.

Hmm that turned into a collection of random links, didn’t it?

Anyway, don’t have much to say but to tick the boxes that still on track and doing the things I want to be doing. My ipod ran out of batteries and I was too lazy to charge it so I am not sure how the vampires are going, but will find out what they are up to tonight.

Wow. Long time no posting.


Promise a real post coming real soon.

The lightning update – computer sitch RESOLVED. My new computer is pretty. And it has a webcam (for whatever reason I would want that – the guy demo’d it by bring up a live picture of me looking at the computer and my reaction was like DEEMONS!! DEEMONS!! Poor guy almost lost a sale just because I went to buy a computer looking like a schlep).

Then more running around to rescue my hard drive which I managed to do just 10 days into my extended STUDY LEAVE (ie where I needed stuff on my hard drive). But all good.

Study leave over and not as productive as I would like, but it’s always that way. And the marthon yesterday guilted me into getting out and starting THE PROJECT(tm) all over again. More on that in another post (guaranteed to make you feel like a total athletic hero). I am way too guilted to even catch up on other people’s achievements. Bad deege!! (Hey, aren’t you that person who used to hang around with us runners a while ago?)

Last night I turned over in bed and scratched one of my thumbnails across my elbow. And drew blood. Seriously – my name is klutz.

Tomorrow am interviewing people to work for me on a contract project for the next 12ish months and maybe more and one of them lists “positive self talk” as a skill. He was one of the ones that hadn’t failed any subjects. Sigh.

You know what isn’t a good logical progression? Even though it seems logical? Take up regular exercise – feel more alert – be more productive – experience good rapid career advancement – get insanely busy and under pressure – create more time in day by stopping exercising.

Hey you know when we got the DVD player back (scroll down lazy gits, can’t be bothered linking)? Two days ago. They returned it to us missing a power cable. That was after they couldn’t find our details in their records when we went to pick it up. Dickwads.

Last night we are pretty sure that the person who called at 10pm and 11:30pm with semi-plausible queries was prank calling us. Even more sure after the 12:30am hang up. When you combine that with the person earlier in the night who rang our doorbell and ran away leaving a rodney rude CD (I kid you not), we are pretty sure someone was foolin with us.

Tonight when I restarted the project I took toby the dog-shaped boy along. I am pretty sure I broke him. He is now asleep on the bed. Piker.

I don’t *get* facebook. I am on there and everything, but people keep inviting me to groups or to install applications or whatever and I keep being forced to press ignore on my friends. That seems rude (though not as rude as when I send my sister internet links debunking the bloody virus warnings and such that she blindly sends me).

My niece has the coolest special affection for me even though I don’t see her that often. I mean, yeah she is not yet two and probably doesn’t get why I look just like her mum but different somehow (identical twins) but I still reckon it is because I am better than everyone else.

/end stream of consciousness.

Things that are going on for me at the moment that are not monumental and life changing (it helps to remember them sometimes)

  • It is really really cold here in Melbourne and the heating is not working properly in our office building. Serious people doing serious jobs in their overcoats and scarfs (I am wearing a pale blue cardigan for the occasion
  • Hub has buggered off to the weekender to do some study and I am stuck at home so I can get to work. One consequence is that the overnight low is predicted at 4deg tonight and I will be without the three warm bodies who normally share my bed (one human, two canine);
  • My task tonight is a choice between a 20min run in the freezing cold or a forty min bike ride in the warm. I honestly don’t know what I will choose, but I am pretty sure that they don’t do any fun runs on the exercise bike in my living room
  • Hub is being really understanding about me maybe not joining him at the weekender until Friday after work instead of going down tomorrow night and commuting, because the long commute makes me grumpy. I suspect that the moral to the story will be that I will be expected to be non-grumpy on Friday night, which kind of paints me into a corner, mood-wise
  • My recurring searches to find any one of the several perfectly good sports bras for running appear to be less enthusiastic and thorough in the winter – leaving me to conclude “Oh well, I shall have to use the bike”
  • I have been tentatively converted to playing a stupid game on the internet (and not like when I was forced to read the Hobbit and hated it). Who would have thought that smashing imaginary six-legged beasts with a two handed axe could be so therapeutic? Now I just have to get one of those internet gaming addictions so that I can blame something else if my life turns to hell in a handbasket.
  • Major changes in life situation tend to aggravate my need to track and monitor every freaking thing. As a result every financial transaction I make is now monitored pretty much automatically in a newly installed computer program. Want to guess how long that took me to set up? And the figures don’t actually become more reassuring if you put them in multiple places.
  • I have an unfortunate tendency to immediately and completely forget people’s due dates when they are pregnant. Including close members of my family. Such as my twin sister. There is no easy way to casually admit that you have no idea when your niece/nephew is due. I mean, I know approximately. I assume people will tell me when it happens, then I can pretend I have been counting down to the date./evil

So, how have things been with you?

Whaddayaknow! I actually got some exercise tonight! There was no way I was going to convince myself to go out in the rain for a run, but I came home, chucked a DVD on the telly (“we all use math every day!”) and did 40min on the exercise bike.

Now, I have been tagged by joanne (too lazy to add a link but not too lazy to be deliberately antagonistic, jojo)

1. Where is your cell phone? silent
2. Relationship? marvellous
3. Your hair? curly
4. Work? morphing
5. Your sister? identical
6. Your favourite thing? sleeping
7. Your dream last night? bodybuilding (seriously)
8. Your favourite drink? wein
9. Your dream car? pensionerworthy
10. The room you’re in? lounge
11. Your shoes? fakecrocs
12. Your fears? bored
13. What do you want to be in 10 years? fulfilled
14. Who did you hang out with this weekend? hub
15. What are you not good at? navigating
16. Muffin? mc
17. Wish list item? homegym
18. Where you grew up? yarrambat
19. The last thing you did? cooked
20. What are you wearing? trackies
21. What are you not wearing? makeup
22. Your pet? monsterdogs
23. Your computer? not an apple (and it never will be!!)
24. Your life? multifaceted
25. Your mood? relaxed
26. Missing? space
27. What are you thinking about? changes
28. Your car? battered
29. Your kitchen? cooking
30. Your summer? stressed
31. Your favourite colour? blue
32. Last time you laughed? today
33. Last time you cried? ads

I *so* do not feel like going for a run this morning. Gah, need more sleep. MoOooooOOOre SlEEeeeeEEEP.

Shut up. Stop whingeing. It is only going to be 11K.

Don wanna. Ow, you feel that? My knees are hurting. Ouch OUCH. Maybe I have ITB problems. I really shouldn’t mess around with my ITB. I should probably just go home.

You do not have ITB problems. Don’t be pathetic, you have been running for all of 500 metres. And it has all been downhill so far.

Grumble mumble bumble. That’s IT. I am sick of this. Look, a nice wooden thing to sit down on just before the trail starts. I might stop there for a bit. [sits down and stares into space for a couple of minutes]

I can’t believe you are stopping when you haven’t even got onto the trail yet. For crying out loud, Nudge says we have been only going for 1.7K so far. [watches super fit young chaps sprinting around the corner] Oh, pants.

We should go back. I am not enjoying this. Everything hurts.

We can’t go back. That would make our “long run” only 3.4K. You can’t have a long run which is shorter than every other run you do during the week. And anyway, what about Em and Jo who can’t run at all. Imagine if they could see you now. For shame.

[hangs head in shame]

[gets up and starts running again]

But maybe we could just go for a short run instead of a long run? We could turn around at 3K or something.

We have to go at least 8K today. As it is all this moping around means that the furthest we can go is 10K otherwise we won’t be back in time. Anyway, going 8K just means that we have to go another 2K or so before the turn around.

Oooh, a toilet. I really need to go. I’ll just stop and go to the toilet and maybe get a drink of water. And stretch a bit. And enjoy the view for a while. Then I can start again.

Okay, you’ve had your flippin toilet break. Keep going. If you go another 2.5K then you can turn around and that will make it 10K.

My quads are hurting now. Not that *you* care. I could have torn muscles. I could have a flesh eating virus and you’d be all “keep going, run 10K” Pah.

Look, we have just passed the turn around point for a 6K run. This is easy, two to go.

Gah. Need to stop.

What’s wrong, need to stretch?

No, just need to stand by the side of the path glaring at the creek and thinking up creative swear words.

Get moving again. 1.5K to go.

1K to go.

500m to go.

200 to go.

150 to go.

75 to go.

20 to go.

Can I just turn around here?

You can’t be serious. Run another 20 metres until nudge beeps. [beep].

Ahh, now I can stop. Just to celebrate that I don’t have to run further away from home any more.

Get moving. Did you notice that you almost beat your training milestone for that 5K again? The times that you were actually moving, that is.

Hey, you know what? This is kind of fun. It’s much easier going back this way.

Yeah, this is a blast, the time is just flying by. That’s 2K already.


Hey, there’s the toilets again, you can try out that gel that you wanted to test.

How do I get it open? My hands are all sweaty.

Don’t use your teeth.

What are you, my mother? Ugh, that is disgusting. It’s not like it tastes bad, but it is slimy and viscous and… actually, you know what it is like?

I know. And it’s even the right colour.


Certainly an odd association for the middle of a run. Let’s go.

Look, a downhill – Wheeeeeeeeeee.

Swing by that tap, my hands are still sticky.


Hey look, we’re back at the start of the trail already. Yay.

OMG did I just run that pace on the 7th K of a long run?

Looks like it. Here’s the hill. Let’s go for the negative split.

Yay, running up the hill. Ouch. Don’t like this as much.

Keep going, just 500m to go, we are on track.

Run, Forrest, Run!!

Ooh, that lady is talking to us, can you hear what she is saying?

Um, she’s got an accent, I can’t quite understand her. Just smile.

You know what, we shouldn’t have smiled. That lady is crackers.

Run away! Run away! Race you to the milkbar.

We did it!! Negative spliteroony!

And now I don’t have to run any more today!!

Aren’t you lucky? Two posts in one day. Just a couple of unconnected things.

Planned on an easy 4K tonight but as soon as I started felt really awful so cut it to the 3.5K loop. Haven’t done that in ages. Nudge had run out of batteries so put on the polar for the first time since August 2006. Had a romantic notion that I would do a nice easy run and find my heart rate at a much improved level. Instead, the HRM just confirmed the crapness of the run, with an elevated rate the whole time despite the tortuously slow pace. Ho hum.


Got my R4TK pack the other day, including my lurid green shirt. Passed the initial test that it actually fits okay (phew). I modeled it for Hub whose response was “Do you have to wear it for the race?” I pointed out that the race day is actually the only day that I won’t look like a dickhead. Later that night, I offered to wear my sexy new shirt to bed. He said “well, sometimes I wake up at night and can’t find you in the bed, so that would help”. Heh. Wore my new shirt for the first time tonight and will try to get a few more runs in it before the race day.


The next in an interminable series of “weird ways to tell that The Project (TM) is having an effect”. My thighs have dimples. This is a new development. I have been a little perplexed about why all of a sudden I have dimples in my thighs. Aren’t they for cheeks? So tonight I conducted a series of rigorous experiments and determined that the dimples are a result of the more developed muscles in my thighs. I still have fat thighs, but whereas the fat bit used to be between my hip and my knee, it now seems to be between my hip and my dimple (a couple of inches above the knee. If I clench my thigh muscle, everything above the dimple still jiggles, but below doesn’t. It’s a stupid thing to be impressed by, but I am anyway.


I mentioned in the last post that I am a sucker for Big Fat Freaking Loser, but I can’t believe that people volunteer to go on this show. Do they not have friends and family? And assuming that they do, why aren’t they stopping these people from being humiliated about their weight and fitness on television? I mean, I have the Project and all, but I still prefer to skirt around the issue when talking with people I know. I changed at work for the run on Wednesday and when my super fit boss asked what I was doing, I was too embarrassed to admit that I was going for a run, so I told him I was going to court to argue an urgent injunction. It was funny but I am a loser. But there is no way that I would go on a show like Big Fat Loser.


Still working towards solving the clothing challenge. Seems like I have a heap of clothes at the moment that I just can’t quite fit into. I went shopping today for work clothes and saw this cute argyle vest only available in size 16 but didn’t quite fit. So bought it for the rewards drawer. I feel like I have a thousand things in the reward drawer which will be suitable with relatively little change. But still not happening. Maybe the argyle vest will prove the motivating factor (it is pretty cute).


I am beginning to feel like hills could be my thing. A couple of times recently when I have pushed myself up hills on organised runs, I realised that I can run down most other people at about the same pace. People pass me on the flat, but if I run the hills, I keep up with them or even pass them. This might be because I am competing with people who run when they feel like it and give up when it is hard. I am slow, but I do have a fair bit of determination and bloody-mindedness. So hills are hard for me, but I think that they might be harder for the slackarse skinny people that run as slow as I do. So I think I might do more hills work in future. Worst case scenario it improves my fitness generally. Best case scenario it improves my running generally. So on the weeks that I can’t do coolangatta gold training, I think I will introduce some hill repeats. Is it sick that I think hill repeats sound like fun?

I just found myself using the word “dishy” to describe someone I am watching on television. I don’t think I have ever used the word before. But can you disagree?

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