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Well, given that it has been ages since I have updated this seriously, be prepared for some random jumbled information for your up catching pleasure.

First and foremost, I have done really crap at exercise over the last couple of months. And then because I was too ashamed to open my exercise log, I stopped recording my exercise, which means that I literally do not know when the last time I exercised was. Actually, the last time I exercised was yesterday, but before that – who the hell knows? Anyway remember when I turned over a new leaf for the new financial year? As it happens, not so much. Apparently the same damn leaf after all. So no longer half committed either.

I have learned a lot of course. Like the fact that taking your running gear everywhere you go doesn’t actually count if you never put it on. My sneakers are becoming well travelled, without me actually doing any travelling in them.

So yesterday I had some excess tension to burn off (more about that later) so went for a quick burl around the block. Ran for as much as I wanted then walked some, and was out for about 35 mins which I was pleased with. A day later, nothing much hurts except in my rib area (?). So pretty pleased and will see if I can repeat this sometime.

The reason I was a little tense is pretty straightforward. As some might remember, my computer died earlier this year out of warranty, necessitating an expensive replacement. It appears I should have opted for the waterproof version, as it then might have survived having tea spilt on it. Which apparently it hasn’t. But it will take the service people up to two weeks to confirm that this is the case so that I can a) buy another computer, b) rescue my hard drive and c) claim on my insurance. Bugger. This is certainly an inconvenient way to upgrade my computer regularly.

Then we decided to top off the weekend by returning our 6 week old DVD player under the special super dooper extra warranty we bought (because we have a bad history with DVD players). And Doogie Howser with stubble was giving us crap about returning it because he couldn’t replicate the fault. We managed to replicate it and one hour of paperwork later he tells us it is being sent off for up to 6 weeks to be fixed. 6 WEEKS!!

The world is populated by idiots who all got jobs as salespeople.

Oh, and also by my new nephew who is just the cutest thing you ever did see.


I never thought I would say this, but I am really liking having an exercise bike at home. I really struggle to keep the running regular in the hot weather we have been having recently – I won’t consistently get up in the morning to exercise so I find myself faced with an energy sapping run in the evening at the end of an energy sapping day. Plus you add any kind of serious heat to my size and level of fitness and anything above a brisk walk is actually training at a pretty extreme level which I don’t think is the best. You add the fact that I am still dealing with the remains of the lurgy and the prospect of being stranded kms away from home with uncontrollable nausea made everything downright unappealing.

The difference now is that with the bike, it is much easier to convince myself that if I am not going to go for a run anyway, I should at least hop on the bike for 20 mins while I am watching the TV show that I was going to watch anyway. It is not too boring to do while watching the TV, and I never fail to push myself beyond my paltry plans and do 40mins to an hour. Before I know it, I have had a decent workout and with the bike situated under the evaporative cooling vent, it is much easier to keep my heart rate at a respectable (ie not life-threatening) level.

The thing is, part of me feels guilty for not running. That is until I give myself a stern talking to in the mirror and remind myself that the whole point of this is to get myself fit and healthy, so my priority is getting my exercise done regularly. I know I will get back to the running more when the weather settles down and I am hoping to really push myself over winter so that I can be a lot fitter by the time next summer rolls around.

So I have another Sunset Series run scheduled for Wednesday around Princes Park. At the moment it is looking like I won’t be able to get there but there is still a vague chance. Hub has been in meetings every night for about 8 days and he is thinking of putting his apologies in for the meeting he has on Wednesday. If he does, then we will have a date night, but otherwise I will head off to Princes Park. Two great options for a pleasant Wednesday night anyway.

It is so weird to be all irritable because I haven’t been exercising. I am still maintaining my run of at least one session of exercise per week since May 06, so I am happy.

I normally have pretty long work hours, but once or twice a year, the stars align and things are just mental. This last two weeks has been one of those times. A lot of stress, long hours and pressure, but also a chance to do some work stuff I don’t get to do often, plus a healthy boost to the (work) budget.

Anyhoo, as a result I haven’t managed to do much running at all lately and plus I have not eaten great (no energy to cook and a drive to give myself treats for being stressed. Pizza anyone?) Annoying on the one hand, but not distressing as I know that it is unavoidable and things will return to normal soon. I have topped that off with a bit of a sniffle (comes from being tired and run down) which I am trying to knock on the head.

I have foolishly entered the Sunset Series so will be coming into the Zoo run seriously underdone training wise. Work means that I seriously struggle to be consistent with my training. My best mileage weeks are all around the same mark and if I managed to string four of them together I would beat my best monthly mileage stats by about a quarter. But unfortunately something seems to keep coming up. Very frustrating.

Oh, and I am I the only tragic who is seriously pumped about the new season of Big Fat Loser starting on Sunday night? I am? Oh well, I will be quiet then.

Well I haven’t managed to get out there this week as much as I would like. A scratchy cough the other day has ballooned into a head cold with the help of a couple of very smoky days. So no running for me, particularly when there is still smoke around.

Otherwise feeling pretty good. Had my first session on the exercise bike the other day which was fun. Hub is right into it using the bike most days while he watches a DVD or some telly. Now just to make it through the Christmas period.

Happy Christmas to all – be safe this festive season and take some time amidst the demands of life to reflect on the peace, love and community that we share.

It is very frustrating that at a time when I was enthusiastically looking forward to my long run, I felt like it was too risky to actually go and do it. Very hot and very smoky all weekend. While I might have to put up with the heat, I couldn’t see the health advantages in going for a run in pretty thick smoke from the fires in the Alpine region and Gippsland.

Normally I would be pretty annoyed at the inconvenience, but my sister and her family live not far from the fires and my brother in law is heading up Mt Buller today to relieve some of the crews. They are saying that the fires will probably join and make three or four mega fires today which is pretty scary for all involved.

I had a really good long run planned for today – finally determined to check out part of a trail that runs near to the weekender. And then I woke with eyes and nose streaming experiencing a terrible attack of hayfever. I don’t get it often but when I do, I feel like I am completely out of action.

I spent the day simulatneously snapping at Hub and struggling to cope with normal saturday errands while I was steadfastly determined to go for my run. After doing a bit of cleaning up, I stood with tears streaming down my face (barely affected by the mega strength anti-histamine) and I began to deal with the fact that there was no way I was going to be able to do my run.

Oh well, I will go for a couple of shorter runs during the week before SiS1. And I will leave my maps so that I can revisit this run at a later date.

Got the new essential running gear and went for my first run with it. I loaded it up with a bunch of more upbeat songs (which rather depressingly turned out to be mainly tragic eighties songs). I did miscalculate a little though, because I neglected to take into account the fact that I do not actually run at a very upbeat rate. So I sub-consciously upped my tempo to match the songs and felt dreadful for the first half of my run the other night.

I am getting a little dependent on keeping the routine in place with exercise. Sunday is normally a gym day for me but for one reason or other I was on the go all day and didn’t get there before they closed. On Monday I was scheduled for a run, but I had worn new heels to work which had given me blisters. As soon as I put on my shoes, I knew that I was not going to be able to run. Went for a walk with Hub and the monsters instead but still felt annoyed. I was out of sorts all night snapping at Hub and The Boarder (such a nice expression I feel and whenever I say Housemate, people seem to wonder whether Hub and I are in a bizarre threeway with this idiosyncratic young man).

My mood wasn’t just about lack of exercise (have some family stuff going on) but that was what was pissing me off. I was looking at the rest of my week and realising that I was going to find it hard to get in my workouts on the normal days anyway. Hub went into Mr Fixit which normally bugs me, but this time he said that if I was so annoyed about it, there was no reason why I couldn’t get a run in on the day which is normally my only fixed rest day. On that day we go to church in the evening which for us takes place in a pub over dinner. He pointed out that we sometimes have half an hour to kill before we go to the pub and after I get home, and that if I made an effort to be early out of work, I could certainly fit in a session. And I did (I felt like shit for most of it but that is another story).

One of my difficulties at the moment is that I am scared that if I get out of the groove and habit of exercising, I will begin to feel like I am failing and feel pressure on myself to make up the difference by increasing my expectations. But at the same time, one of the things that has made it easy to keep up the habit so far is that I have respected my own limitations and not set myself up to do things that would be too hard (like getting up early in the morning). Anyway, it is still going to be an “off” week, but I feel better about it now. By the end of the week I still will have had three sessions of cardio and one of weights which is a helluva a lot better than I was doing ten weeks ago.

How frustrating is it when you try and do the right thing and do exercise and eat well and it leads to you getting injured? At the moment I have put my neck out a little, mostly due to the weights and exercise I have been doing. As a result I haven’t been able to do any weights and exercise until it settles down a bit. It doesn’t really make sense. I would never have hurt myself if I had continued sitting on my arse on the couch!

I did go for a gentle walk last night with the dogs (when what I wanted to do was to go to the gym or do the next instalment of my running program). At the moment I no longer feel like I want to throw up (always a good sign) and am just feeling a little stiff. So I think that a bit of movement would actually probably be good for it so I am planning to go to the gym tonight and do a weights session, knocking two weights off all of my upper body reps. Hopefully that will allow everything to have a bit of gentle movement and will continue to improve.

Of course, there is the matter of eating half a box of pizza shapes when sitting on the couch last night feeling sorry for the fact that I couldn’t do any real exercise. But we will set that aside for the moment.