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Was a bit nervous getting out for a run again after over a week off my feet. Would the bastard hip announce itself after 313 metres again? I actually loaded up nudge’s stats for that run into Sportstracks, by the way. Dammit, that 313 metres is going to count towards my yearly kilometerage. I also worried that I would feel dreadfully unfit. I am already down about having a week off running two weeks before R4TK.

I needn’t have worried. It was just the sort of run I needed. Hub and I drove down the foreshore and he went off on a walk planning to do about an hour, and I started off on my run aiming for about 5K. I thought I would turn and meet him on the way back to the car and walk the rest of the way back with him as a warm down. But I felt fantastic. Pretty comfortable, no niggles, and yet nudge was telling me I was powering along at better than race pace. I didn’t maintain that pace as I didn’t want to push too hard and slowed down to training pace as soon as I began to feel tired later in the run. But more on that later.

I got to where I had planned to turn and just felt like keeping on going. Besides I could see the Dromana pier ahead and wondered what picture nudge would draw of a run out there (to compare with the picture of my run on the Rosebud pier in the header of this blog).

McCrae Foreshore

So now you know.

Once I turned around I was just coasting and having a great time. I didn’t find Hub on the way back and hoped he had turned around as I had been gone significantly longer than I had told him. Sure enough I found him back at the car and had only been waiting about 20 sec.

I got home and even the fact that some evil genius had hidden my staminade powder couldn’t get me down. I just loaded the info from nudge into Sportstracks and wasn’t surprised to see that I got another sportstracks compliment when it guessed I had been racing. And why not. My time at the 5K mark was about 40sec outside my 5K race PB. My time at the 8K mark was only 13 sec outside my 8K race PB at Spring into Shape 2 last year.

So I was really happy with today. I don’t have time now to do another decent long run before next week, but I plan to do an easy 10K tomorrow and then a couple of shorter runs during the week.


Okay, so I have a new obsession in looking at all of my workout stats on sports tracks. I check out the monthly and weekly stats, comparing average pace, distance, number of workouts and so on. Yesterday I was doing a long run which was meant to only be 60mins but I kept going for another 4min to make the km tick over, at least partly because I know it was going to be a close thing to see whether I would beat my PB of weekly kms (I beat it).

And with nudge, it automatically tracks all this other cool information which I can also compare, like elevation, calories burned, fastest pace, slowest pace and so on. RAWKS.

So I am thinking of doing this run in a couple of weeks. It is only 6.7km but it is straight up hill. It is pretty brutal and I am not really in shape for it, but the course goes almost straight past the weekender and so it is a race that I could easily make a yearly event. I figure I can just set the expectations low and run as much or as little as I want. And to boot, it supports a good cause.

I am definitely a tracker. I like measuring stats and keeping track of progress over time. Which means I am totally feeling inconvenienced that I can’t get my garmin yet. Flippin’ delayed gratification.

But I am loving the running log at cool running. I just plug in the info and it gives me an immensely satisfying readout which calculates the distance I have gone this week, month and year together with the average pace. And while my mileage is nothing compared to a lot of runners, when you stick it all in one place, it begins to look very impressive. I may just be inspired to graph things.

I still can’t stop laughing at the clown pants. Seriously hard to go for a run when your pants are flopping around your calves. But hey, I paid a whole $20 for these from Target, so they are going to be worn.