I have so many goals for running. Some of them are huge and monumental and I don’t know whether I will be able to accomplish them. But some are just small things that I have in the back of my mind that I would like to do. I thought it would be fun to keep track of these things. However I reserve the right not to be held accountable to actually do any of this stuff. I’m fickle like that.

2007 race goals

I keep in mind the races that I am working towards and I would like to keep track of whether I manage to get to the start and finish line. At this stage some of these are firm goals and some of them are just idle thoughts. Most of these will be participated in with the aim just to finish, and to continue to have benchmarks to work towards and accomplish.

  • Portsea Twilight 6.7K
  • Australia Day Fun Run 10K (Safety Beach to Rosebud) – missed this one, too busy
  • Sunset Series 8K managed two out of three
  • Run 4 the Kids 15.2K done
  • Great Train Race 13.2K done
  • The Bluestone Classic 7K
  • The Bluestone Classic 15K
  • AV Sandown 10km (because running on a race track seems kewl)
  • Spring into Shape 8K
  • Arthurs Seat Challenge 5.7K
  • Melbourne Marathon HM
  • Coburg Lake Classic (the 10km this time)

General goals

These are general goals which don’t necessarily have a timetable on them. I hope that through completing my ordinary training and some of the runs that I am aiming for that I might achieve some of these as well. Kind of like a bonus achievement for when I manage to knock off two goals with only one effort.

  • Run a 10K race
  • Run a Half Marathon
  • Run a Marathon
  • Run an ultra
  • Compete in a triathalon
  • Join an AV club and run the Winter Season
  • Do proper club training
  • Wear a uniform for running
  • Run 500km in a year
  • Run 1000km in a year
  • Run 1500km in a year
  • Run 2000km in a year
  • Fit into my Kmart WATERMELON drifit running top
  • Run the King Island Imperial (mmm Cheese)
  • Run the Two Bays Trail Fat Ass run

Time/Speed goals

At the moment these are just the next goals in my sights. If I achieve them, then I will set a new mark to aim towards. The exception is my long term goal for the 10K time. When I ran in my early twenties I rather effortlessly participated in a bunch of 10K races and I would like to know that I can get myself to a place where I am better now than I was then. That is going to be a huge accomplishment and I need to do a lot of improvement before I get into that territory.

  • 5K in under 35min
  • 8K in under 60min
  • 10K in under 80min
  • 10K in under 53min (this would beat my only PB from fun runs when I used to run)
  • Run 4 the Kids in under 120mins 1:59:36

So those are the goals. I read somewhere that as long as you are consistent with your running, almost everyone continues to experience improvement in their running for 7 years – after that it comes down to a whole bunch of factors. But I reckon I have over 6 years of improvement up my sleeve.